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Fukuoka Nakasu Night View scaled

Fukuoka city, the capital of the prefecture, is the largest city in Kyushu. Throughout history it has been a key harbor city due to its proximity to other Asian countries; it is closer to Seoul than it is to Tokyo. As well as Fukuoka city (which has …

Oigawa Main Line train

If you are in Shizuoka prefecture or spending any time during autumn in Shizuoka, you’re in luck! There are so many beautiful places out in nature to enjoy the fall foliage! From Shizuoka City to Hamamatsu City, passing through the popular Sumata Gorge and hidden gems such …

Girl sitting on bed

If you’re reading this article, then it is likely you are moving to Japan. Perhaps you are wrestling with the idea of furnishing a Japanese apartment and are wondering whether to go for the traditional Japanese futon bed or the Western-style. If this is the case – …

Japanese pottery scaled

Trying out some Japanese crafts is one of the best things to do in Japan to get involved with Japanese culture and history, plus it is very fun! You’ll probably leave the experience having learned a new skill, made some beautiful memories and you’ll probably have a …


You might panic, thinking that there is no way to clean Japanese wallpaper and that you will end up getting charged a lot of money for some small marks when you move out. Do not fear! We’ll help you figure out whether you need specific cleaning products …

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