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Kawauchi-cho 2-26-1, Kiryu-shi, Gumma-ken

The photos displayed are from a Village House property with a similar floor plan type. Actual room photos are not shown. Arrange a visit to confirm property details.

Property Details

Located near a nursery and a hospital, excellent access to Prefectural Route 342

No brokerage fees!(the landlord will bear the costs)No lock exchange fee!

Building Information

Elevator No

Available Flooring Western Flooring
Japanese Flooring

Construction Date 1966-04-26

Buildings and Units 2 / 80

Unit Size 2K / 28.98m2

Handicapped Accessible No

Optical Fiber No

Public Services

Kawauchi Branch  - 31 minutes walk

Kiryuu Kousei General Hospital  - 36 minutes walk

Kiryuu Shinkin Bank  - 10 minutes walk


Takanosu St Mother Nursery  - 3 minutes walk

Kawauchi Elementary School  - 17 minutes walk

Kawauchi Junior High School  - 32 minutes walk


Undōkōen Station - Watarasekeikoku Line - 1 Km , 13 minutes walk

Tennōjuku Station - Jōmōdenki Railway Jōmō Line - 1.1 Km , 14 minutes walk

Fujiyamashita Station - Jōmōdenki Railway Jōmō Line - 1.2 Km , 16 minutes walk

Kiryuu Station South Exit Bus - 2.7 Km, 34 minutes walk

2K / 28.98m2

Traditional Style


Japanese style room with traditional tatami floor

  • No security deposit!
  • No key money!
  • No renewal fee!

Western Style


Western Style apartment with padded floor

    • No security deposit!
    • No key money!
    • No renewal fee!

Kawauchi-cho 2-26-1, Kiryu-shi, Gumma-ken

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