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Ooumi 4-10, Akita-shi, Akita-ken

The photos displayed are from a Village House property with a similar floor plan type. Actual room photos are not shown. Arrange a visit to confirm property details.

Property Details

10 minutes walking distance to a supermarket, quiet neighbourhood, along side the nearby road there is a MacDonalds, konbini and Ramen Restaurant

No brokerage fees!(the landlord will bear the costs)No lock exchange fee!

Building Information

Elevator No

Available Flooring Western Flooring
Japanese Flooring

Available Parking Onsite Yes

Onsite Parking Fee 3888 円

Construction Date 1969-12-23

Buildings and Units 4 / 160

Unit Size 2K / 28.98m2

Handicapped Accessible No

Public Services

Nanbu Citizen Service Center  - 37 minutes walk

Akita Municipal General Hospital  - 35 minutes walk

Oosumi Simple Post Office  - 8 minutes walk

Hokuto Bank Ushijima Branch  - 12 minutes walk


Akita Taiyou Kindergarten  - 4 minutes walk

Oosumi Elementary School  - 6 minutes walk

Onoba Junior High School  - 21 minutes walk


Ugo-Ushijima Station - JR Uetsu Main Line - 0.9 Km , 12 minutes walk

Araya Station - JR Uetsu Main Line - 2.6 Km , 33 minutes walk

Akita Station - JR Ōu Main Line (Shinjo - Aomori);JR Uetsu Main Line - 3.5 Km , 43 minutes walk

Oonoguchi Bus - 1 Km, 13 minutes walk

2K / 28.98m2

Traditional Style


Japanese style room with traditional tatami floor

  • No security deposit!
  • No key money!
  • No renewal fee!

Western Style


Western Style apartment with padded floor

    • No security deposit!
    • No key money!
    • No renewal fee!

Ooumi 4-10

Akita-shi, Akita-ken

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