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daiso succulent image

Nowadays people must spend a lot more time at home, so DIY has become very popular. There are so many benefits of DIY – not only do creations feel personal and unique, but you’re able to appreciate them more than something you buy on a whim. DIY …

Japanese chef cooking okonomiyaki on a flat top grill

Food-related activities to do in Osaka when it’s raining. We will start with the obvious things to do in Osaka in the rain. In the city known as the ‘nations kitchen’, there are ample opportunities to sample delicious food. Ajinoya in Namba and Mizuno in Minami are …

kyoto botanical

The changes of seasons are so symbolic in Japan, there’s always some kind of flower in bloom no matter what season. Japan has some of the best botanical gardens and flower parks. 1. Kyoto Botanical Garden The centerpiece of Kyoto Botanical Garden is the enormous greenhouse featuring …

dough japan

Everyone living in an apartment in Japan knows what it is like wanting to bake some amazing pastries or make your own artisanal bread and lacking an oven to do so. Today we will introduce you to one of the most useful kitchen appliances you can have …

gardens of japan

A tightly packed city is the image that comes to the mind of many people who are considering living in Japan. The Shibuya Crossing bustling all day and night – the karaoke bars and enormous shopping centers, and especially the tiny Japanese living spaces: minuscule apartments in …

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