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"Since there is no deposit, key money, renewal fee, or handling fee, I strongly recommended my friends to consider living here with me as well."

— A Chiba Prefecture Village House Resident

Affordable Apartments for Rent in Japan

Moving to Japan and need to find apartments for rent? Village House makes getting an apartment in Japan a breeze.

Whether you are looking for a cosy and cheap 1-room apartment, a student looking for somewhere pocket-friendly yet cosy, a foreigner who is thinking of moving and residing in Japan permanently, or want to move to a different city in Japan, we have apartments with amenities from parking to pet-friendly facilities and more for rent. Not to mention our properties are Gaijin-friendly too! Browse our extensive listing of apartments, flats and mansions and enjoy affordable rates today!

All apartments on Village House are available for rent. Rent a studio apartment or a single room in a mansion now.

Help Me Find an Apartment!

Want to reside in Japan but have no idea how to find a place to rent? We have a quick guide that might be helpful.

Understanding Japanese Housing Terms

You might come across terms like “1K apartment for rent”, “1BR for rent”, “3BR”, “2K apartment”, and even “1LDK“ on your quest to find the perfect accommodation but what exactly do these terms mean?

These abbreviations stand for various types of “rooms”. A 1K apartment would typically involve 1 kitchen (essentially, a studio apartment) while a 3BR refers to a 3 bedroom and 2 bathroom flat.

Finally, 1LDK housing includes 1-room apartments in Japan with dining, living, and kitchen areas.

Find Apartments for Rent Near Me

Ultimately, an ideal place to stay should be within close proximity of your workplace or school.

Before settling on a lodging, search our apartments on Village House by map and look out for the distance and transportation options nearby. Take note of amenities around the area as well.

If you are searching for “cheap 1-bedroom apartments for rent near me”, Village House has just the one for you. Check our list of properties to view the ones near you.. You could also search for “2-bedroom apartments for rent near me” if you want a larger apartment or “shared rooms for rent near me” if you want more flexibility and options. You can select room sizes by using our search filters.

Consider other Occupants before Settling on a House

Are you staying alone, as a couple, or as a family?

1-bed-1-bath apartments are definitely too small for a family. You might need to search for “cheap 3-bedroom apartments near me” on our website to look for 2K or 3LDK apartments that are more spacious and family-friendly. If it is within your means, choose from one of our pet-friendly mansions for rent to enjoy the big open spaces. Do check with us if the apartment you are considering has the pet-friendly facilities available.

If you are staying alone, go for dokushin apartments for more affordable housing.

FAQ about Finding an Apartment in Japan

  1. Q

    1. Can foreign residents rent an apartment in Japan?


    The short answer is: yes. However, there are varying rules depending on company.

    Here at Village House, all of our apartments are available to foreign residents. We provide a variety of foreigner-friendly apartments in Japan. Not only do we offer apartments for rent with no broker fee, but we have options of varying apartment sizes from two bed room apartments, small but comfy one-bedroom studio apartments and even mansions for rent.

    Discover the neighborhood around our rental properties from your device.

  2. Q

    2. How long can foreign visitors or residents stay in Japan?


    If you do not hold a Japanese passport, the length of your stay depends on the purpose of your visit. Temporary visitors can stay for 90 days on average. Work visas in Japan are typically for one year, three years, or five years.

    When searching for a Gaijin-friendly apartment to stay for the long-term, do leverage our platform to find apartments with affordable long-term rentals. Key in “long-term apartments for rent near me” to find a lodging in your preferred destination.

  3. Q

    3. What is the average cost of renting one room in Japan?


    You are probably wondering, “What types of apartments can I afford? What is the average rent like in Japan?”

    Prices of local apartments for rent vary from city to city and also depend on the length of your stay.

    At Village House, we offer low upfront costs with no security deposit, renewal, handling, or key money fees so that you can enjoy affordable prices and enjoy living in homes across Japan’s major cities and small towns.

    Fret not about costs as our cheap apartments come equipped with the necessary amenities for comfortable living in Japan. Find out more about amenities by clicking “See This Property”.

    If you are looking for cheap apartments in Japan for rent, you could take a look at our promotions for the most affordable homes and rooms for rent.

    Please check listing details for more information on the specific apartments or reach out to us to learn more.

  4. *Dependent on the credit check results and contract details, a deposit may be required.

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