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Rental Apartment Homes in Fukuoka Prefecture

Known for its reasonable living costs, convenient transport system, thriving startup scene, and major industrial projects, Fukuoka prefecture is perhaps one of Japan’s most livable prefectures. With Fukuoka city as its capital city as well as an international business hub that has continually attracted more foreigner residents, Fukuoka prefecture is overflowing with opportunities.

Thinking of moving to this prefecture to start a new life? Start by finding your home in Fukuoka on Village House. We offer various rental apartments in the prefecture.

Read on to learn more about our website!

Introducing Village House

Village House is your one-stop solution for affordable living and rentals in Fukuoka and all across Japan. Key money, deposit, and renewal fees are ¥0, so that you get the lowest upfront costs possible.

Not to mention we offer a wide range of apartments including 2DK apartments like Village House Yoshiduka in Hakata for couples as well as 1R apartments all across Japan for solo dwellers. Click “See This Property” to learn more about amenities and landmarks around each Village House property.

For amenities including pet-friendly facilities and parking, please contact us directly to inquire.

FAQ about Living in Fukuoka Prefecture

1. What is it like to live in Fukuoka prefecture?

If you are looking for a prefecture that is overflowing with opportunities and yet has a more laid back feel compared to other cities like Tokyo and Osaka, Fukuoka prefecture is it. Convenient and lively, the prefecture is well-connected with public transportation.

As far as commerce is concerned, Fukuoka prefecture has a strong automobile industry that produces as many as 1.5 million cars annually. Some major automobile plants in the prefecture include that of Daihatsu, Nissan, and Toyota.

2. Where are the best cities to live as a foreigner in Fukuoka?

The first area you could consider living in is the capital city - Fukuoka city. The english-teaching, hospitality, academia, international trade (particularly with South Korea), and business industries are ever-popular. Properties here include but are not limited to Village House Matoba and Village House Kamiwajiro.

Kitakyushu is among one of the most popular places for foreigners who are moving to Japan for work for jobs in science, research & development, as well as innovation. It is one of Fukuoka’s busiest industrial zones with numerous manufacturing plants littered around the city. Village House offers various apartments in Fukuoka prefecture for foreigners. You could rent a room in properties like Village House Kokuraminami or Village House Numakoyanagi to situate yourself in these hotspots.

You could also consider staying in Iizuka. Iizuka city is on its way to become the Asian Silicon valley with technology, industrial development, and research as its main economic drivers. Major institutions here include Kindai University’s Faculty of Human-Oriented Science and Technology and Kyutech School of Computer Science and Systems Engineering. If you are moving here alone or as a couple, you could consider renting a 2LDK apartment at Village House Ikawa.

Omuta is another area you could consider moving to. Omuta provides a great environment for families with easy access to Omuta City Zoo and Greenland Amusement Park. You could rent a 3DK apartment at Village House Shirakawa if you are moving here with a family.

Please take note that foreigners and Japanese citizens are required to undergo a credit check.

3. What is the average rent in Fukuoka prefecture?

Rent varies from city to city but housing in Fukuoka prefecture is generally cheaper than in other bustling cities in Japan. At Village House, rent for an apartment typically costs between ¥27,000 and ¥82,000.

Village House is delighted to offer low upfront rates, so that you can enjoy living in Fukuoka with low rental costs. Use the filters on our search engine to find accommodations within your budget.

*Dependent on the credit check results and contract details, a deposit may be required.

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