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Cheap Apartments in Gifu for Rent

Known for its thriving Washi paper industry as well Japanese swordsmithing and cutlery industries, Gifu Prefecture has a population density of 1.9 million as of 1 June 2019 with Gifu as the capital city of the prefecture. This landlocked prefecture is located at the heart of Japan and borders Toyama prefecture to the north. Major cities include Gifu city, Ogaki, Kani, and Tajimi.

Kakamigahara city, in particular, boasts enormous aerospace facilities. Likewise, information technology (IT) is on the rise in Ogaki & Gifu city with numerous opportunities for tech and IT entrepreneurs.

If you are thinking of moving to Gifu prefecture for business, why not consider renting our cheap apartments?

From the culturally rich and colorful city of Hida to the bustling Ogaki, Village House has numerous cheap apartments available for rent with amenities in Gifu prefecture. Read on to learn more about our unique website.

Rent Affordable and Centrally-located Apartments in Gifu

Whether you are looking for a cheap 1-room apartment in Hida to be your home as you pursue your studies or a centrally-located apartment in Gifu City, Village House has the right accommodations for you.

When you rent apartments in Japan on our website, you can enjoy the lowest upfront fees because security deposit, handling fees, renewal fees, and key money are all ¥0. Plus, you get a complete view of all properties and can search for an apartment around your workplace with our intricate system.

To find out more about each property’s amenities and interiors, search by location and click “See This Property”. To learn more about amenities and facilities in each property, please get in touch with us.

Browse our website, save on rental, and let’s find your dream apartment in Gifu today.

FAQ about Staying in Gifu Prefecture

1. Where should I stay if I want to move to Gifu Prefecture?

Of all the major cities in Gifu prefecture, Hida is one of the most popular amongst both foreigners and Japanese who are planning to move to this prefecture. The Furukawa area of Hida is well-known for sake production and paper-making.

Not to mention Hida is also well-connected to other prefectures in Japan via railway and highway. Finding an apartment in this area is a breeze thanks to our website as you can filter your search results based on region and city. Other areas you could consider are Seki, Ena, and Nakatsugawa.

2. How do I find facilities around my apartment?

You could click “See This Property” to have a look at public services and nearby facilities around each Village House apartment. Another way to do this is to search by map to get a bird’s eye view of facilities like supermarkets, convenience stores, and more.

3. How is the weather like in Gifu prefecture?

Gifu prefecture experiences a wide range of temperatures and weather throughout the year. You can expect cold winters and hot & humid summers with an average temperature of 15.5°C and August being the warmest month of the year.

Find out more about amenities and facilities like heaters and air-conditioning in each apartment by clicking on each property and viewing the unit amenities.

4. How can I save on rent if I want to move to Gifu prefecture’s bigger cities?

One easy way to save on rent when living in places like Seki, Hida, and Nakatsugawa, is to choose a cheap apartment. Here at Village House, you will find some of the most competitive rates because we absorb most of the upfront costs.

Use our website to search for a cheap apartment by map. You might even be able to find an apartment that is just walking distance away from your workplace.

Finally, opt for floor plans that cater to your needs. For instance, if you are staying alone and want to save on rent, opt for 1K apartments rather than a 3DK one.

Need some help? Reach out to us to learn more about each Village House property today.

*Dependent on the credit check results and contract details, a deposit may be required.

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