Cashback from rent

One month's rent (up to a maximum of JPY 30,000) is deducted from the Initial fee as a support amount
You can combine benefits 1 and 2 as long as they are within the support amount!

Household Products
(Curtains & Lights)

We offer curtains and ceiling lights at an exclusive price for new contract holders (5% off)
*Delivery costs vary depending on the price of the product.


One month of free rent!

With the 30,000 yen moving support applied to your 1st month's rent and your 3rd month's rent for free, in most cases, you won't start paying rent until your 4th month (billed in the 3rd month).

※Free Rent does not apply to some properties.


Special Moving Truck Campaign

Individual Plan 3,000 yen off
Family Plan 5,000 yen off
*Assistance available for Japanese inquiries only.

①20% off your base moving costs

②Easy to use cardboard boxes, hanger cases and shoe boxes free of charge

1,000 yen voucher to use on the "Panda Selections" if you register through the Sakai EC website!

*Assistance available for Japanese inquiries only.

No deposit, key money,
renewal or brokerage fees
*Depending on the contract's content, we may require a deposit.
If you want to move, try Village House! Now is your chance !!

Details of the promotion

About the ¥30,000 rent cashback

One month of rent (up to 30,000 yen) is discounted directly from your first bill.
Example - If you move into an apartment with a monthly rent of 45,000 yen on 9/15, your initial payment would be the below:
Prorated First Month's Rent (September): ¥24,000 + Second Month's Rent (October): ¥45,000 = Total: ¥69,000 
Minus the Cashback Promotion: -30,000 yen
Sum of initial costs: 39,000 yen 
*Fire insurance will be charged separately.
*Moving Support does not apply to some properties.

About the Household Products Promotion

Choose a curtain style or ceiling light that matches perfectly with your new Village House apartment and receive it directly at your new home

Curtains: Level 2 Sunblocking Curtains (2) + Lace Curtains (2) = Special Curtain Set of 4
- Size A (height 135cm): 2,841 yen(Tax included)
- Size B (height 178cm): 3,791 yen(Tax included)
LED Ceiling Light with Remote 3,791 yen(Tax included)


  • For properties that are not eligible for the ¥30,000 moving support, we will charge for the product and shipping costs together with the initial payment.
  • The products are offered with a discount of 5% from the store price (The discount does not apply to special sale prices in the stores.)
  • Regarding the shipping fees, if the total cost of the products is ¥5,500 or less, ¥1,100 will be charged. If the total cost of the products is ¥11,000 or less, ¥1,650 will be charged. If the total cost is more than ¥11,000, ¥2,200 will be charged.
  • This form will need to be sent with the application contract to the Rental Support Center.
  • After your credit check, our contract office will make a final confirmation of the order. From this point, the order cannot be canceled, and the products cannot be returned.
  • The delivery of products may take approximately 1~2 weeks from the date your contract documents are sent to you.
  • Depending on the inventory of products at the household goods store, the product designs may be changed without advance notice.
  • We are not liable for delivery delays caused by weather-related events.

About the Special Moving Truck Campaign

With Village House, moving-in is also cheaper!
After signing your lease contract with Village House, you can receive a special discount for a moving truck company called Heart Moving Center.
Individual Plan: 3,000 yen off!! Family Plan: 5,000 yen off!!

How to apply

Step 1

Make a simple evaluation at Heart Moving Center's website!
Or ask for an estimation by phone!

Step 2

Check the invoice included in the envelope given to you when signing the contract.
Your coupon code will be written on the lower part of the invoice in Japanese.

Step 3

Call Heart Moving Services with this toll-free number: 0120-810-229. 
Don't forget to give them your coupon code to claim your discount.