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Find Toyama Rental Apartments

When you think of moving to Japan, a few major cities and prefectures might come to mind: Tokyo, Osaka and Fukuoka. But if you are thinking of relocating to somewhere relatively less busy than the main city centers, why not consider renting some cheap apartments in Toyama prefecture?

This prefecture consists of 10 major cities as well as a couple of other minor cities with Toyama City as its main city center and small areas like Arakawa within it. Today, it has a population of 1.09 million people with a labour force of 0.58 million.

The living standards are spectacular, to say the least, with optimal home floor space. Not to mention Toyama prefecture’s major industries include electronics, plastics, machinery and pharmaceuticals.

Toyama is also surrounded by mountains. You can enjoy the beautiful views as you live in this gorgeous prefecture.

On the search for a rental apartment? Village House is the best choice for you.

Your Cost-saving Platform for Accommodations in Japan

Whether you are looking for a mansion in Toyama or a small but comfortable, cheap & cosy studio apartment in Takaoka, Village House has the properties for you.

To help you save on apartment costs, we are pleased to offer full transparency with zero handling fees, key money and security deposit. This way, you can enjoy low upfront apartment costs when you choose to stay in any of the accommodations on our listings.

Village House offers plenty of apartments across Japan. Browse our listing today!

Enjoy cheap rates, convenient locations and comfortable apartments in Toyama city and other Japanese prefectures only on Village House.

Find a Village House Apartment in these Cities in Toyama Prefecture

FAQ about Toyama Rental Apartments

1. How do I find cheap apartments in Toyama Prefecture?

First and foremost, do your own accounting and decide how much budget you are willing and able to set aside as rent. Having a rough ballpark figure for rent hinders you from spending outside your budget.

After which, search by map on our website to view properties around your area of work or study. You would want to reside in a street which keeps you closely connected with these areas.

At the same time, look out for amenities like shopping centers, academic institutions, clinics, hospitals, convenience stores, and more to ensure your basic needs are met.

Finally, use our search engine to look at the interiors and furnishings of our apartments. You should be able to narrow down your top three choices after doing so.

2. I am a foreigner, can I rent an apartment in Toyama?

Yes, you can!

Japanese citizens and foreigners are welcome to choose accommodations on our website.

Do note, however, that foreigners would need to go through several steps before they can rent apartments in Takaoka or other districts across Japan. Please refer to question 2 on our homepage.

3. What are the advantages of staying in Toyama?

If you are looking for an accommodation away from the hustle and bustle of Japan’s busy city centers, Toyama is it.

Unlike some of Japan’s major business cities , Toyama is relatively serene and quiet but still offers the relevant amenities and transportation options for anyone who is working, studying and residing in Takaoka and other major cities in Toyama prefecture.

Plus, property prices tend to be cheaper in Toyama compared to Osaka and Tokyo. If you are looking for cheap apartments for rent in quaint neighborhoods, make sure you check out our property lists in Toyama prefecture.

Finally, you might also find that accommodation in Toyama tends to be relatively more spacious than other Japanese cities. In fact, apartments in this prefecture are known to have the largest home floor spaces in the country. For instance, you could rent a 3DK apartment in Village House Arakawa which situates you in the lively Toyama city.

For clarification about available amenities and facilities, please check listing details for more information on the specific apartments or reach out to us.

*Dependent on the credit check results and contract details, a deposit may be required.

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