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Rent an Apartment in Okayama

Known as “Sunny Land Okayama” with its thriving business environment and promising opportunities, Okayama prefecture is the place to be for businesses and entrepreneurs. To date, it has a population density of 1.95 million and a labour force of 0.97 million with petrochemicals, transport equipment, steels, chemical, and general machinery as its major industries.

For years, Okayama prefecture has been a hub for agricultural machinery, shipbuilding and automotive manufacturing. It is also home to more than 10 universities and 8 junior colleges with the largest number of science and engineering facilities in western Japan.

Its capital city, Okayama city, is known for producing notable agricultural produce including rice, eggplant, Chinese chives, peaches, and grapes.

Looking for an apartment in this prefecture? Village House has tons of accommodations available for rent. Have a look at our wide range of lodgings today.

Cheap Apartments all across Okayama

Whether you are looking for apartments in the serene and scenic Bizen, the picturesque canal city of Kurashiki, or any other bustling neighborhood such as Okayama city, Kasaoka, or Tamano, Village House has a full list of apartments for single occupants, families, and couples.

The best part about using our platform is that you can enjoy low upfront fees when you choose our accessible and comfortable rental apartments. Renewal fees, handling fees, and security deposits are ¥0, so that you can get the biggest bang for your buck. Enjoy cheap rates when you rent apartments in Okayama from our platform.

That’s right. No hidden fees whatsoever on any Village House property in Japan. Instead, you only get transparent prices and a stellar booking experience.

Browse today and let’s find the apartment of your dreams in the prefecture.

FAQ about Renting Okayama Apartments

1. How is the weather like in Okayama?

Like other cities in Japan, Okayama experiences 4 seasons all year round. If you intend to find an accommodation here, be prepared for cloudy and hot summers as well as cold and windy winters.

To find out if our apartments have amenities like a heater or air-conditioner, click on each accommodation for a closer look.

2. How do I save on rent if I want to stay in Okayama?

Firstly, look for rents that are within your budget. With Village House, finding a cheap apartment is a breeze. You can sort properties from the lowest to highest price.

Next, consider the size of the apartment. If you are staying alone, you could opt for a 2K apartment in Village House Inari instead of a 3DK apartment in Village House Kagamino.

3. What are the advantages of staying in Okayama?

There are numerous benefits of staying in this prefecture. One huge advantage is affordable rental. On average, rent for an 85 ㎡ apartment would cost around ¥150,000 in busy and pricey areas.

Not to mention there are plenty of facilities for businesses – big and small. Okayama might have a lower profile compared to prefectures like Osaka and Tokyo, but it is rapidly gaining growth for its attractive infrastructure and vibrant business landscape. Solo entrepreneurs can take advantage of co-working spaces and share houses in Okayama whilst expanding their professional network in the city. Enjoy a unique working environment and let it take your ideas and creativity to the next level!

Additionally, the tourism, automotive, and airline industries are also thriving in this prefecture. Fluency in English is an added advantage if you intend to apply for a job in translation, communications, or teaching here.

4. Where should I stay if I want to move to Okayama?

We are proud to offer various apartments available for rental across the prefecture in cities like Kasaoka and Tamano. Some popular areas include Bizen city and Kurashiki. These cities are buzzing with opportunities.

Renting an apartment is as easy as ABC when you use Village House. Simply search by map and you would be able to find lodging in areas that you are eyeing along with the amenities and facilities around.

Feel free to get in touch with us should you require any assistance regarding Village House properties.

*Dependent on the credit check results and contract details, a deposit may be required.

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