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Apartments for Rent in Kyushu, Miyazaki City

Living in Kyushu can be a great way to experience an authentic Japanese lifestyle with less tourist traffic. With its consistently warm climate and diverse array of natural landscapes, it is no surprise that Kyushu attracts many expats to work there.

As the third-largest island in Japan, both locals and foreigners alike find themselves drawn to this part of the country for its serene towns and cities, as well as the rich culture and history. In fact, many people who move here end up staying in places like Miyazaki City for good! The laid-back lifestyle appeals to those looking for an escape from their hectic lives back home while still maintaining a high-quality life abroad.

Whether you're in search of new career opportunities or looking for new adventures with your family, moving to Miyazaki City could be the right choice for you! By first settling your accommodations with Village House, you can enjoy a stress-free move into your dream rental apartment - and yes, these are available at cheap rates.

Your New Home Away From Home

In recent years, many companies in Japan are tapping into the large pool of hires from English-speaking countries. If you’re interested in contributing to a new environment, there are tons of employment opportunities available to make the most out of your relocation to Miyazaki City.

As you start to plan and look for apartments to rent in Miyazaki City, there will be different types of apartments to consider such as 2K, 2DK, and 2LDK. 2K stands for 2 rooms with a kitchen. 2DK is 2 rooms with a dining and kitchen area. 2LDK has 2 rooms in addition to a living, dining, and kitchen area.

One of our popular Miyazaki City apartments for rent, Village House Otsukadai, for instance, is available in 2DK, 3DK, 1LDK and 2LDK. When it comes to traveling around Miyazaki City, you’ll also have no trouble finding the nearest bus stop to head to on foot. For this rental apartment, there’s also Miyazaki Station, Minami-Miyazaki Station, and Miyazakijingū Station to hop over to make any journey easier. When it comes to affordable living in Miyazaki City, you can enjoy the lowest upfront costs possible by renting a property with Village House - no key money, security deposit, or renewal and handling fees required!

Found what you are looking for at Village House? Start preparing the paperwork to finalize the date of moving to your new home. It’s important to act quickly so you can get the perfect place to live in for the years ahead.

Planning to live in other cities in Kyushu? In addition to apartments available for rent in Miyazaki City, you can also find cheap accommodations in Fukuoka, Kumamoto, Saga, Nagasaki and Oita.

Find an Apartment in Miyazaki

*Depending on the credit check results and contract details, a deposit may be required.

FAQ about Living in Miyazaki

1. What is Miyazaki City known for?

With countless hiking trails and water sports attractions, Miyazaki City has something for everyone! If the idea of roughing it doesn't suit you, Miyazaki could also be your destination for experiencing Japanese life in all its glory at important historical sites such as the Udo Shrine, Miyazaki jingu, and Amano Iwato Shrine.

Like many other parts of Kyushu, Miyazaki City is also well-known for producing quality liquor called shochū which you can taste in many varieties. This clear distilled liquor is particularly popular in Kyushu, so you are bound to find it in many restaurants.

2. Are pets allowed in Village House rental apartments?

This will depend on the property, so you may get in touch with our customer support center for more information or ask us during the apartment visit in Miyazaki City. Take note there are some properties where pets are allowed and some where they are not. There are also restrictions on the length and weight of the pets.

* Note that we do not accept more than one pet.

3. What is the payment method for rent?

Be sure to pay the rent for the next month by direct debit on the designated date of the month. Before moving into your apartment of choice in Miyazaki City, you will need to complete the bank account registration for direct debit. If you register your bank account online, then inkans (name seal/stamp) are not required.

*Dependent on the credit check results and contract details, a deposit may be required.

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