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Frequently Asked Questions

No deposit

No brokerage fee

No renewal fee

No key money

Up to 30,000 yen


No deposit, key money, renewal or brokerage fees !

Find a comfortable room at Village House without any inconvenient conditions.

Village House provides high-quality rental properties with easy procedures and excellent prices. Start a new life in one of our properties in over 1,000 Locations in 47 prefectures throughout Japan!


※Cashback does not apply to some properties
※Free Rent does not apply to some properties
※Not all properties allow pets

Initial Cost Comparison

For a rent of 45,000 yen

*Research conducted by Village House

Company A Company B Company C Village House
Contract fees ¥240,900 ¥150,900 ¥91,500 ¥16,500
Deposit ¥45,000 ¥0 ¥0 ¥0
Key Money ¥45,000 ¥0 ¥0 ¥0
Brokerage Fee ¥48,600 ¥48,600 ¥0 ¥0
Lock Change Fee ¥10,800 ¥10,800 ¥0 ¥0
Proportional daily rent for the current month ¥1,500 ¥1,500 ¥1,500 ¥1,500
Next month's rent ¥45,000 ¥45,000 ¥45,000 ¥15,000
Following month's rent ¥45,000 ¥45,000 ¥45,000 ¥0
*Proportional daily rent for a 45,000 yen rent
Up to 30,000 yen to help you move-in 1 month of free rent

* Please confirm with our call center on which properties the full 30,000 yen cash back and 1 month of free rent will apply.

* Please take note that a termination fee will be charged in case the contract is cancelled before the full 2-year term is reached.

* A Fire Insurance Fee may apply depending on the property.

This is why Village House's moving support is different !

No unnecessary initial costs

We support your rent even after you move in

Up to 30,000 yen cashback

Up to 30,000 yen discounted from the initial costs


1 month of free rent

Get the 3rd month's rent free. Start paying rent from the 4th month (charged in the 3rd month)

Example - If you move into a 45,000 yen apartment on 9/15

Prorated rent for the current month (September) 24,000 yen
Advance payment of next month's rent (October) 45,000 yen
Cash back -30,000 yen
Fire insurance fee 10,000 yen
Sum of the initial costs 49,000 yen

Move in paying only 49,000 yen of initial costs!

※Cashback does not apply to some properties
※Free Rent does not apply to some properties

Overall procedure before move-in


Contact us by phone or through the website's form

Find a property that suits your needs on Village House's website.
Contact us about the property you are interested in by phone or by clicking on "Enquire Now." If you are in a hurry or want to inspect the property, contact us by phone for a smoother process.


Choose a property and floor plan

Village House provides various plans to suit your needs, from rooms ready to move into, to options allowing changes to the floor plan. Choose the option that best fits your lifestyle.


Inspection and Visit

You'll be able to visit the property after you have scheduled the day and time of the inspection.
Inspect the property, check out the size and lighting of the rooms, take a look at its surroundings, feel the atmosphere of the area.
Please take note that if 30 minutes have passed after the scheduled time and no one arrives, the manager will have to move to the next appointment and you will need to reschedule the visit.


Application and Screening

If you bring all documents on the inspection day it is possible to proceed with the application right there.
If the application passes the screening process, the next step is signing of the contract.


Contract and Move-in

You can move in right after finalising your contract and the preparation of the property is complete.
There is no lottery system, so you can move in right away if the room is unoccupied.

Move-in Support
Up to ¥30,000 cashback



I would like to know more about the initial rent costs


The amount due as initial rent cost is the sum of the following items:

① proportional daily rate of one month's rent (calculated on a 30-days monthly base)

② next month's rent

*Village House Management does not charge a monthly fee for apartment common areas.

*A Fire Insurance Fee may apply on an apartment-by-apartment basis.


Can I keep pets?


A Village House has been increasing its availability of “pet friendly” properties. Even properties that in general don't allow pets may accept small birds, fish or turtles, on a case-by-case basis. For more information contact us through our free telephone line.


What documents do I need to present when applying for a lease?


The following documents are required for the application

① Your seal:since the rent payment is made through direct debit, please bring the same seal used at the bank.

② Identity document:driver's license, insurance card, basic resident card (juki card), resident card (if foreigner), alien registration certificate (if foreigner), etc.

③ Income certificate: certificate of earnings, pay slips of the last 1 month

※ If the 3 items above are brought during the viewing, it is possible to make the application on the spot. However, depending on the results of the document assessment, documents other than the above may be required.


What is the method of payment of the rent?


The payment is made through bank transfer from a bank account designated by the client (the receiving agent is APLUS Co.,Ltd) . A bank transfer request form from APLUS Co.,Ltd must be filled and signed, but in the clients bank book/statement the debit will be registered under 「AP(ビレッジハウス」.


Is there any termination fee in case I cancel the contract before it ends?


A termination fee will be charged in case the contract is cancelled before 2 years have passed.

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