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Rent Foreigner-Friendly Apartments in Kanto, Japan

Located on the eastern side of Japan's main island, Honshu, the Kanto region offers a little bit of everything - from bustling cities to rustic villages tucked away on mountainsides.

Consisting of seven prefectures, there is much to discover in Gunma, Tochigi, Ibaraki, Saitama, Tokyo, Chiba and Kanagawa when you’ve decided to live in Kanto. Whether you are looking for greater job prospects or in search of a more relaxed way of life, there is something for everyone in the vibrant cities of Kanto, Japan.

But before you make the big move, it is essential to take your time to look for the ideal rental apartment. You’ll need to make sure that all the amenities fit your lifestyle perfectly, so you can live comfortably in the years ahead. Potential language barriers may also make it tricky to handle your upcoming move, so it will be advisable to start with foreigner-friendly apartments in Kanto.

The good news is Village House has got you covered for different types of foreigner-friendly apartments. Even with a budget, it is possible to settle into your new home at the lowest upfront costs. Starting with a minimum 2-year contract period, you can secure your chosen Village House apartment in advance and reside in Kanto with ease.

Your One-Stop Platform for Apartments in Kanto

To better understand how rental apartments work in Japan before visiting the area, you can refer to these abbreviations for various types of housing. A 1K apartment would typically be a studio, while 3BR refers to three bedrooms and two bathrooms that are perfect if you’re moving with your family. You might also find 1LDK apartments with one room in addition to living, dining, and kitchen areas.

For example, one of our popular Kanto apartments for rent that you can check out is our 3DK Village House Shimo Kuzuwa in Kanagawa prefecture in Kanto. This foreigner-friendly apartment comes with a dining room, kitchen along with three other rooms. With tenants like you in mind, our Village House apartments are conveniently situated near train stations and more amenities in its vicinity, so you can travel around Kanto easily. For Village House Shimo Kuzuwa, you can either take the Ishimiya Bus or walk a little more to Sagamihara Station, Hashimoto Station, or Minami-Hashimoto Station. If you have young kids, there is also Akane Kindergarten, Sakunokuchi Elementary School, and Seishin Junior High School nearby. With Village House, we guarantee you can find some of the best housing areas to live in, whether you’re living alone or with your family.

Can’t wait to get started? For more information about in-apartment amenities and facilities, please contact our team. We look forward to serving you!

*Depending on the credit check results and contract details, a deposit may be required.

FAQ about Living in Kanto

1. What are the benefits of choosing a Village House apartment in Kanto?

  • Moving Support (1 month worth of rent (up to ¥30,000))This amount will be applied to your total initial move-in costs, which can also include curtains or ceiling lights that you can order through the furniture campaign offered by us.
  • One month free rent
  • Moving company discount coupon
  • Refer-a-friend offer (a QUO card worth ¥10,000 to the referrer and 1 month of free rent for your friend (new residents only)).

* The above offers may not be applicable to some properties. Further details will be provided during your apartment visit.

2. How do I apply to rent a foreigner-friendly apartment in Kanto?

We will require the following documents here at Village House:

  • Completed application forms - we will provide these to you
  • A clear copy of the front and back of the Japanese Residence Cards (Zairyu Card) for all non-Japanese nationals who will move into the apartment
  • A copy of the applicant's Income Certificate (e.g. the most recent Salary Statement, Pay Slip, Pension Receipt, Welfare Receipt, etc.) (*Please note that in some cases, a copy of your bankbook may be required. For those who have recently changed jobs or have accepted a new job offer, please provide an employment contract or a job placement notice that includes your estimated salary.)
  • A copy of your bank passbooks of both the account you will register for direct debit with and the account where you receive your salary, that shows your latest transaction and your name on it.

3. Do I need to sign up for the utilities?

Yes. The resident must contact and apply directly with each respective company. Contact information for each company will be provided with the lease contract.

Have more questions? Check out our FAQ page for a more comprehensive overview.

*Dependent on the credit check results and contract details, a deposit may be required.

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