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Apartments for Rent in Gunma, Japan

Today, Gunma prefecture is overflowing with career and business opportunities. There are a plethora of establishments by major corporations including Subaru, Hino Motors, Mitsuba Corporation, and Shoda Shoyu Co. Plus, there are tons of opportunities for anyone to build a career and life here.

Want to live in this prefecture? If you are looking for a pocket-friendly apartment in Gunma prefecture. You have arrived at the right website.

Looking for a cheap apartment in Gunma prefecture has never been easier. Village House offers plenty of apartments for single dwellers and families.

Your One-stop Platform for Affordable Apartments

Your search for a cheap apartment in Gunma prefecture is over. Village House brings a wide selection of affordable apartments in some of Gunma prefecture’s most liveable cities.

Best of all, we are proud to offer the lowest upfront costs. This way, you enjoy lower rent and live comfortably in your apartment in Gunma prefecture.

Whether you are moving to Gunma prefecture with young children or with a spouse, you will be able to find the most ideal properties here at Village House.

For more information about in-apartment amenities and facilities, please contact our team. We look forward to serving you!

FAQ about Living in Gunma

1. What are Gunma’s best cities?

Some cities you could consider living in if you intend to move to Gunma prefecture include Ota, Takasaki, Fujioka, and Kiryu.

The bulk of Gunma prefecture’s manufacturing companies are concentrated in Ota city. Today, Ota is the hub of exchange for people, consumer goods, technology, and information. Opportunities for business are thriving here. You could consider renting an apartment in Village House Higashikanai or Village House Takabayashi.

Takasaki city is the most populated city in Gunma prefecture. It is also the headquarters of CUSCO Japan and Yamada Denki. You could move here with your spouse and stay at 3DK apartment Village House Terao.

If you want to reside somewhere laidback, Fujioka is for you. The city has a harmonious balance of city and countryside life. It’s quiet and perfect for comfortable living. You can find a 2K apartment in this city at Village House Kobayashi.

Another area you could consider moving to is Kiryu. Also regarded as the “City of Textiles” in history, the textile manufacturing industry is booming here. Furthermore, Gunma University is located in this city as well.

2. What types of apartments can I find in Gunma prefecture?

Gunma prefecture has a mix of high-rise apartment buildings and landed properties. If you are looking for a cheap apartment to rent, Village House has properties in Gunma and across Japan.

Here at Village House, you can choose from plenty of apartment sizes including but not limited to 2K and 3DK apartments.

You will also be able to find various foreigner-friendly apartments at Village House. Please note that both foreigners and Japanese nationals would need to undergo a credit check.

For more information about renting an apartment as a foreigner in Gunma prefecture, please get in touch with us.

3. What is the cost of living like in Gunma prefecture?

Rent for a 2K apartment at Village House in Gunma prefecture starts from around ¥22,000 per month. We keep upfront costs low with no key money or security deposit, as well as no handling & renewal fees. Rent tends to be cheaper for apartments that are further away from the busy city centers. Nevertheless, getting around Japan is a breeze thanks to the trains and public buses. Navigating around Gunma prefecture shouldn’t be too difficult.

*Dependent on the credit check results and contract details, a deposit may be required.

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