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Find Cheap Rental Apartments in Kanagawa

Known for its scenery amongst tourists and close proximity to Japan’s busiest city, Tokyo, Kanagawa-ken (or Kanagawa Prefecture) is the second most populated prefecture of the country. To date, there are over 9 million residents over a geographical area of 2,415 k㎡.

Besides being a popular destination for tourists, Kanagawa-ken is also thriving with business, manufacturing, innovation and commerce in its major cities - namely, Yokohama, Kawasaki, Yokosuka, Hiratsuka, and Kamakura. Industries in the prefecture include food products like cup noodles, chemicals, transport equipment, and petroleum.

What makes this area unique is the abundance of natural beauty. For instance, the coast of Shonan and mountains of Hakone are easily accessible for people living in Yokohama.

If you are looking for an apartment and affordable rental in this prefecture, look no further than Village House for cheap apartments in Yokohama and other cities in Kanagawa, Japan.

Cheap Apartments for Rent in Yokohama, Kawasaki, and More in Kanagawa

Whether you are moving to Yokohama for work, Kawasaki to work in some of the major factories, or Yokosuka to teach English, and looking for apartments for rent, Village House has an abundant number of rental options for you to choose from all across Japan.

Why should you use our website?

Besides easy use and a broad range of properties available for rent, we are also proud to offer the lowest upfront rates. Security deposit and other fees are ¥0, so that you pay for your rent without burning a hole in your pocket.

Not to mention our intricate search by map system allows you to have a bird’s eye view of amenities around our cheap apartments in Kanagawa prefecture.

Find your dream apartment today!

FAQ about Kanagawa Apartments

1. What is a share house and should I rent it if I intend to move to Kanagawa?

A share house refers to a rental area with shared spaces that are separate from a private room. These communal spaces could include the kitchen, television area or a dining area. Although these accommodations are popular in Kanagawa cities like Kamakura and Kawasaki and other prefectures in Japan, we recommend you rent a long-term apartment for a better life environment.

The disadvantage of living in a share house is that you get little privacy. If you prefer having a quiet space to yourself, you might feel more comfortable renting a 1-bedroom apartment in Kanagawa for the long-term. This way, you get more personal space and privacy.

Also, if you intend to move to the prefecture with your family, you might feel better living in a 2LDK or 3DK apartment rather than staying in a share house.

2. What are Kanagawa prefecture’s most livable cities?

First, Yokohama. Yokohama is well known for its affordable cost of living, open spaces and picturesque views. Its main economic sectors include trade, import, and export. Being bilingual is a bonus if you are looking to make a living here. If you are moving to Yokohama alone, you could consider renting a 2LDK apartment at Village House Zenbu.

Kawasaki is another area you could consider if you are moving to Kanagawa prefecture for work. You can find plenty of opportunities at companies in heavy industry like Nippon Oil Corporation and high technology organizations like Fujitsu and Toshiba.

3. I am an expat. Can I rent an apartment in Kanagawa-ken?

Expats are definitely welcome to rent apartments in this prefecture!

Village House offers various apartments for foreigners and local Japanese in Kawasaki, Yokohama, and the rest of Kanagawa prefecture.

For more information regarding amenities and facilities in our Village House properties, please reach out to us today.

*Dependent on the credit check results and contract details, a deposit may be required.

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