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Rental Apartments in Tochigi, Japan

Tochigi is quickly becoming a popular destination for people looking to move up in their careers in manufacturing, translation, and food & beverage. Currently, the prefecture is thriving with opportunities for locals as well as foreigners.

Thinking of moving here? Why not look for an apartment in Tochigi at Village House? You can find various cheap apartments that are foreigner-friendly too!

Read on for more information about our apartments!

Enjoy Comfortable Living in Tochigi Prefecture

Finding a cheap apartment in Tochigi prefecture is a piece of cake thanks to Village House.

Village House offers an extensive list of cheap apartments in Tochigi prefecture. Looking for accommodation in Tochigi prefecture is as easy as 123 as you can search for apartments in the city of your choice.

Not to mention we also offer rental apartments of various sizes. Whether you are moving with a family or your spouse, there is definitely something for everyone at Village House.

What’s even better about finding an apartment with Village House is that we offer the lowest upfront costs. There is no key money, security deposits, or renewal & handling fees so that all users can enjoy low-costs and comfortable living.

To find out more about available facilities and amenities around our rental apartments, please feel free to get in touch with our team. We look forward to serving you!

FAQ about Living in Tochigi Prefecture

1. Where should I stay if I am moving to Tochigi to build a career?

One city you could consider is Utsunomiya, particularly if you are looking to build a career in commerce and industry. You will find numerous establishments & plants by major brands in manufacturing including Canon, Japan Tobacco, and Honda. If you are moving here alone, you could consider renting a 2K apartment at Village House Hiraide.

You could also consider Utsunomiya if you would like to build a career in translation or international business because of local efforts to build a multicultural society. Major institutions with demands for multilingualism and bilingualism here include Tochigi International Center and the Utsunomiya International Plaza.

Passionate about the food industry? Oyama is where you need to be. You could find an opportunity at plants owned by major corporations like Morinaga Co., Ltd and GFF Co., Ltd in Oyama. You could rent a 2K apartment at Village House Inabagou or a 2LDK apartment at Village House Amagaya.

2. I am a foreigner. Can I move to Tochigi?

Definitely! Foreigners are free to rent apartments in this prefecture.

In fact, Tochigi prefecture promotes the idea of a "multi-cultural symbiotic society" which seeks to promote comfortable living for locals & foreigners. The local government also has various assistance programs for foreigners in multiple languages.

If you would like to rent an apartment in Tochigi prefecture, look out for foreigner-friendly apartments on Village House.

Please take note that all foreigners and Japanese citizens would need to go through a credit check to rent an apartment in Japan. Should you require assistance, please feel free to contact our team.

3. What are the average rental costs in Tochigi prefecture?

Rent tends to be cheaper in Tochigi prefecture relative to other major prefectures like Tokyo Metropolis.

Depending on which city you choose to stay in, rental apartments in Tochigi prefecture on Village House could hover between ¥21,000 for a 2K apartment in Kanuma to ¥43,000 for a 3DK apartment in Ashikaga.

*Dependent on the credit check results and contract details, a deposit may be required.

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