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Apartments for Rent in Hiroshima, Japan

Hiroshima prefecture is a great place to move to if you're looking for career opportunities in multinational corporations (MNCs). You'll be in the center of all that's going on between Japan and the rest of the world.

Thinking of moving here? Village House has just what you need to build a life in Hiroshima prefecture: a full list of cheap apartments starting from ¥22,000!

Affordable Living in Hiroshima Prefecture

Here at Village House, we keep our upfront costs low so that you can enjoy cheap living in Japan. We offer ¥0 key money, security deposits, and renewal & handling fees to keep our rental cheap.

For more information regarding facilities and interiors of our cheap apartments, please get in touch with our team.

FAQ about Living in Hiroshima

1. What kind of employment prospects are there in Hiroshima?

Always wanted to work in an MNC? Hiroshima prefecture is where you need to be.

Today, Hiroshima prefecture functions as a gateway for foreign companies to enter the Japanese market. You can find opportunities as a factory worker in branches from global brands such as Sharp Electronics, Micron Technology, Mazda, and Ford Motor Company around Hiroshima prefecture.

Due to the high density of foreign companies, the demand for business translation services in languages like English, Chinese, and European languages is great.

In addition, one could find opportunities as an English teacher in educational institutions like local primary and secondary schools.

Hiroshima prefecture is also a hotbed for opportunities in heavy industries such as steel, shipbuilding, and automobiles with the Seto Inland Sea coastline as one of the country’s most significant industrial zones. Local companies based in this prefecture include Badcock Hitachi KK and Tsuneishi Kamtecs Corporation.

2. I am moving to Hiroshima with my family. What types of apartments should I rent?

Firstly, pay attention to the floor plan and apartment size. A 2K apartment at Village House Seto in Fukuyama or Village House Wada in Mihara would be spacious for single dwellers but too small for a family of 3. Instead, look out for a 3DK apartment like Village House Miyagasako in Kure.

Second, consider the nearby facilities. Having easy access to essential facilities like hospitals, post offices, and schools would make living in Hiroshima easier and more convenient. For example, one rental apartment you could consider renting if you have a young child is Village House Hataga as it is only a 5 minute walk from Hikari Kindergarten and a 9 minute walk from Hirsohima-shi Hataga Elementary School. Another possibility is Village House Daimon which is conveniently located near Matsui Nursery and Fukuyama-shi Nonohama Elementary School.

You might also want to look out for cheap accommodation near public transportation for ease of movement. For instance, you could consider renting a 3DK apartment at Village House Ekiya which is just a 7 minute walk away from Managura Station. Another option is Village House DaimonDai2 in Fukuyama which is just a 5 minute walk away from Daimon Station.

3. How do I move around Hiroshima prefecture?

Like many other prefectures, Hiroshima prefecture has an efficient transportation system. Expats and locals move around with public transportation like the JR Line and public buses.

Hiroshima prefecture’s main railway lines include Kabe Line, Kure Line, Geibi Line, San'yō Shinkansen, and San'yō Main Line which are operated by West Japan Railway Company (JR West). Hiroshima Station is one of the most connected stations in Hiroshima Prefecture.

Living in a cheap apartment near a public transportation system makes commuting much more efficient. Some rental apartments you could consider if you want to live near a train station are Village House Nakano and Village House Oonori as the nearest train station is less than 5-minutes away by foot.

Click “See this Property” to find out more about available transportation around our Village House apartments.

*Dependent on the credit check results and contract details, a deposit may be required.

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