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3 Features of Village House

We offer high-quality rental housing from over 1,000 properties in 47 prefectures nationwide.
There are also many LDK floor plans

There are also LDK type rooms,

Recommended for families that want to use it spaciously

South facing and sunny

There are many sunny south facing units.

Laundry dries well on days weather permit.

Raising children in a quiet residential area

Calm living environment that is child-friendly

Deposit, key money, renewal fee, handling fee free It was very attractive, I recommended it to my friends, I recommended that we move in together.

A customer living in a Village House property in Chiba.

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Initial cost comparison with other companies

If the rent is 45,000 yen
For those who have a contract

moving support

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How much will it cost to move in?
The following fees are required as initial costs.

1. Prorated daily rent for the first month of the contract (calculated as a 30-day month, including common service fee.)

2. Rent for the second month (including common service fee)

3. Insurance fee from 10,000 yen (2 years)

※It is mandatory to sign up for fire insurance.

※The initial cost will vary depending on the contract conditions and campaign.

A security deposit may be charged depending on the application details and evaluation results.

※For corporate contracts additional terms and conditions (including the rent price and contract conditions) may apply, so please contact the Sumai Soudan Center (Customer Support Center) directly.

Are pets allowed?
Depends on the property.

There are also restrictions on the length and weight of the pets, so please contact our customer support center for more information or ask us during the apartment visit.

※Note that we do not accept more than one pet.

What documents are required to apply?
For individual contracts the following documents are required to apply:

1. Application Forms (please fill them in according to the online instructions)

2. ID Card with Photo

3. Copy of Income Certificate (Most recent pay slip, salary statement, pension receipt, etc)

4. Copy of the Bank Book (The bank book of the account you receive your salary and the account you would like to use for the rent payment)

5. Insurance Documents

※Depending on the evaluation process, other documents may be required. If you have any questions, please contact the Sumai Soudan Center (Customer Support).

What is the payment method for the rent?
Please pay the rent for the next month and any other charges by direct debit on the designated date of the month.

Before moving in, you must complete the bank account registration for direct debit.

If you register your bank account online, then inkans (name seal/stamp) are not required.

Is there a penalty fee for cancelling the contract within 24 months?
If the contract is cancelled within 24 months, a cancellation penalty fee will be charged.

・ Cancellation within 12 months: 3 months worth of rent

・ Cancellation within 24 months: 2 months worth of rent

Cleaning fee - Regardless of the contract term length, cleaning fees will be charged when vacating the apartment.

・Mandatory cleaning fee: 1,210 yen/m² (tax included)

The process from making an inquiry by phone or e-mail to signing a contract and moving in is as follows.

1. Inquiry by phone or form

Search for properties that meet your criteria on the Village House website.

Please contact us from the inquiry form of the property you want to live in, or contact us by phone.

If you are in a hurry or would like to view the property, please contact us by phone for a smoother experience.

2. Viewing/Tour

Once you have decided on the date and time of the viewing, you will be asked to come to the site at the scheduled viewing time and take a look at the property.

Please look at the actual property and check the size of the room, the amount of sunlight, the surrounding environment, and the atmosphere of the city.

If you do not arrive after 30 minutes from the reservation time, the manager will give you another guidance.

You will need to adjust the date and time again.

3. Application/Screening

If you bring the necessary documents at the time of viewing, you can apply on the spot.

If the application passes the examination, it will be a contract.

4. Contract/Move-in

Once the contract and property are ready, you can move in.

There is no lottery, so if there is a vacancy, you can move in immediately.

*If the construction is not completed, you will have to wait to move in.

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