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Higashihiroshima Apartments for Rent

Located in Hiroshima Prefecture, Higashihiroshima is the charming university town of Hiroshima University. A city that is filled with an abundance of natural sights, one cannot help but marvel at Higashihiroshima as it overlooks the panoramic view of the Seto Inland Sea and the verdant mountains, making it the perfect place for those who love the idea of being surrounded by nature.

If you are considering residing in Higashihiroshima and looking for affordable accommodation that would not be taxing on your expenses, you will be pleased to know that Village House offers an amazing range of convenient apartments in Higashihiroshima that will greatly appeal to you. We all know that moving to a new area, especially a new city can be quite a task, especially when one must find an apartment and adjust to his or her new environment. However, with Village House, there’s no need to fret because our apartments are conveniently located near amenities such as schools and public transportation systems.

Choose Village House for Affordable Apartments in Higashihiroshima

Village House offers a good range of apartments (1DK, 2K, 2DK, and 3DK) that are designed to cater to a variety of needs and wants. Be it living alone, as a family nucleus or with friends, there’s something that would cater to your taste. We understand that it is not an easy feat moving to a new place, thus to ensure an effortless transition in living here, we have instituted a no key money or deposit* prior to rental policy for all of our customers.

When planning your search for an apartment here in Higashihiroshima, it’s important that the following considerations are made: the amount of space and rooms you would need; the distance when commuting to and from work; how near are the available public transportation systems; and where can you buy your groceries and other daily necessities. With these in mind, it will help you decide better on what’s best before you start going through the list of available rental apartments in Higashihiroshima.

If a cozy 2K studio apartment is what you want, Village House Hachihonmatsu will appeal to you. It’s a 10 to 12-minute walk to places such as Hiroshima Bank Hachihonmatsu Branch or Isomatsu Junior High School. The daily commute by foot will provide some exercise to your daily routine and in the process, help save some money on transport. As for those who absolutely must take public transport, the Geiyou Bus Isomatsu Stop is just a nine-minute walk while the Jike Station - Sanyō Main Line (Mihara – Iwakuni) will take you approximately 19 minutes.

For those with friends or family, a 3DK unit in Village House Takamigaoka Tower will be more appropriate. With a floor area of 60.89m², these spacious rental apartments come with three bedrooms and a kitchen. Additionally, these rental apartments in Higashihiroshima are also close to two schools: the Takamigaoka Elementary School and Takamigaoka Junior High School; perfect for those with children who are still studying.

FAQs About Living in Higashihiroshima

1. What is there to do in Higashihiroshima?

There are quite a few things to do for leisure here in Higashihiroshima. For those who enjoy culture, Higashihiroshima is home to a few museums, temples, and shrines. One notable attraction would be the Higashihiroshima City Art Museum, a modern art museum that exhibits art pieces by Western and Japanese artists. For something more traditional, there’s the Kyozenji Temple. Located within close distance to Saijo station, there is no admission fee required to visit this charming Buddhist temple with an amazing view.

And for those who appreciate the beauty of nature, Senseki Garden offers the opportunity to appreciate the beauty of Japan’s flora and fauna. This garden is a nice combination of a Japanese garden, geological museum, and a nature park. If you enjoy being away from the tourist crowd, Senseki Garden is for you. Beautiful all year round, a leisurely stroll around the park garners much; providing a relaxing experience with numerous photo opportunities.

2. When will I receive the keys upon signing the contract?

Before you can collect the keys, you have to complete the move-in process, which includes:

  • finalizing the lease contract for your rental apartment in Higashihiroshima
  • registering your bank account
  • completing the payment of initial fees

Once you have done the above, your apartment manager will hand over the keys to you.

3. What type of add-on options does Village House provide?

Village House provides several add-on options to make your stay in our Higashihiroshima apartments as comfortable as possible. These include:

  • Air Conditioner
  • Water Heater (Kitchen)
  • Gas Stove
  • Vanity Sink
  • Washlet Toilet

Each add-on comes with a small fee.

Check our FAQ section to know more.

*Dependent on the credit check results and contract details, a deposit may be required.

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