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Tsuruga-shi Apartments For Rent

Located in the southern Fukui Prefecture of Japan, Tsuruga City is a port town nestled on the coasts of Tsuruga Bay. Its role as a strategic transport hub makes it a bustling city to live in, an experience made more enriching with charming historical sites, beautiful ancient temples and scrumptious seafood cuisine.

Revel in the spiritual atmosphere of the Kehi Shrine, only minutes away from the Tsuruga Station, which reminds visitors of the city’s rich history. It is also home to one of the three great wooden torii gates in Japan. Or, explore the Red Brick Warehouse, once a critical facility for storing fuel but now a popular sightseeing spot, notable for the intricate diorama that tells the story of Tsuruga’s prosperous history.

Let’s not forget the scenic views of the outskirts, such as Saifukuji and Kehi-no Matsubara, as well as renowned seafood delicacies, including Echizen crab, pufferfish and sweet shrimp. Driven by a mixed economy which includes a coal-fired power plant, two nuclear power facilities, and large furniture and electronics factories, the city is one of the perfect towns for anyone looking towards new opportunities.

With every move to a new city, you’ll need to pay attention to a few key aspects, one of which is affordable housing.

You won’t have to look high and low for apartments priced within your budget when you choose Village House. Rely on our quality yet cheap rental apartments in Tsuruga-shi. Whether you’re living alone or with your family, you can find a suitable unit for rent with us. Plus, there are no deposit*, key money, renewal or handling fees, which makes our accommodation ideal for the budget-conscious.

Browse Tsurugi-shi properties for rent online today, or browse rental apartments in the wider Hokuriku region.

Affordable Tsurugi-shi Rental Apartments For Families And Individuals Living Alone

Before deciding on an apartment for rent, you’d want to make sure it is strategically located near transportation facilities and public amenities. In addition, parents with young children or teachers would benefit from having their schools situated nearby, likewise for hospital, bank and post office employees. Rest assured, you can depend on Village House apartments to provide you with just that when you move to Tsuruga-shi.

Take the 3DK apartments of Village House Tsunai, for instance. The Mishima Nursery is only three minutes away, perfect for parents with young children who need to drop their little ones off before heading to work. Being able to fetch them from school on the way back home too means less time commuting to different locations, and more time to spend with the family. Older children won’t need to travel far for school either – the Minami Elementary School and Kehi Junior High School are 22 and 21 minutes away by foot. Ride on a bicycle and it won’t take longer than 15 minutes.

Nurses, doctors and other hospital personnel can find employment in the Tsuruga Municipal Hospital, which they can reach after an 18-minute walk. Two of the bank and post office branches in the city are located within the radius of the rental apartment, at a maximum 15 minutes away. Tsuruga Station can also be reached in 12 minutes, ideal for those who need to commute daily on the Tsurugakō Line (Tsuruga - Tsurugakō) (JR Hokuriku Main Line), JR Hokuriku Main Line (Maibara - Kanazawa) and JR Obama Line.

If you don’t need too big a unit, you can opt for the 2K apartments of Village House Yoza. A nursery, elementary school, junior high school as well as post and bank office branches are located just five to 30 minutes away, with Tsuruga Station within a 20-minute walking distance. Traveling in and out of the city is a breeze!

A well-situated and cheap rental apartment in Tsuruga City is only half the battle won. For a comfortable stay, you’d need all the facilities, plus add-ons like an extra air conditioner, water heater or gas stove at an accessible rate. There’s no looking back when you can trust Village House to sort them for you.

FAQs About Living In Tsuruga City

1. Are there cheap rental apartments located near Tsuruga Station?

Yes, you can find cheap Village House rental apartments located near Tsuruga Station. Choose between the 2K units of Village House Yoza, perfect for smaller families or working adults living alone. The station is 20 minutes away on foot. Alternatively, the 3DK apartments of Village House Tsunai will be ideal for larger families moving to the city. It’s also highly recommended for those who prefer to shorten their commute time as the station can be reached in 12 minutes.

2. Can I inspect the rental unit before I move in?

Yes, you can inspect the rental unit before you move into Tsuruga-shi. After you shortlist a few apartments, you can apply for an inspection through our customer service team. During this visit, you may check the size of the unit to see if it will suit your living requirements, alongside other amenities like lighting, air conditioning and more. Do be punctual for your site visits – if you arrive more than 30 minutes late, our manager will proceed with their next appointment. You will be required to reschedule your visit thereafter.

This applies to all Village House rental apartments in Fukui and the rest of Japan.

3. Can I move into my apartment immediately?

We do not have a lottery system, which means that should a unit be vacant, you can apply immediately and the apartment will then be reserved for you. It then takes at least two weeks to complete the application process. For more information on the documents required or what the process entails, please visit our FAQ page.

*Dependent on the credit check results and contract details, a deposit may be required.

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