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Apartments for Rent in Chiba City

Chiba has a lot more to offer than the two world-famous Disneyland parks. It also is home to the breathtaking Kujukuri beaches, historic villages perched on mountainous peaks and the tranquil Shinshoji temple. You will be spoilt for choice deciding what to do over the weekend if you decide to move to this city.

Finding an affordable, cozy apartment in Chiba city can be difficult and this can create a certain amount of stress for you. However, with Village House, apartment hunting can be effortless and easy. We offer 1K, 1DK, 2K, 2DK, 3K, and 3DK apartments – all guaranteed to meet your preferences and needs. What’s more? We also do not require that you place a deposit to secure an apartment. Our apartments start from a low cost of ¥20,000. It’s hard to say no to an irresistible offer like ours. Start your search with us today.

Renting Beautiful, Cheap and Convenient Apartments in Chiba

Before engaging in the apartment-hunting process, decide a few important things: your budget, apartment location, and size of apartments. By reflecting on what your needs are first, you can make the process of finding an apartment in Chiba-shi as efficient as possible.

If you are an ALT or English teacher, having your flat within walking distance to the school you teach at can be extremely convenient, as it saves a lot of traveling time. Village House Konakadai can be the right choice for you as it’s a minute’s walk from Konakadai Minami Elementary School and a 6-minute walk from Konakadai Kindergarten. Opting for Village House Aioi is also a good idea with the Aioicho Bus 5 minutes away and the Dōbutsukōen Station (Chiba Municipal Monorail Line 2) a 13-minute walk away. This way, you will be able to travel into the city with ease during your stay here.

The next thing to consider is the size of the apartment, facilities and number of rooms you require. Village House Konakadai offers cozy 2K apartments that come with two rooms and kitchen facilities, starting from around ¥23,000. It is perfect for a pair of friends or a couple. Larger families with children can choose 3DK apartments in Village House Aioi instead. These come with more rooms and are more spacious with a floor area of 49.2m².

Start exploring VIllage House apartments for rent in Chiba-shi to find one that best suits your preferences or contact us so we can assist you in your search.

FAQs About Living in Chiba

1. What are some highlights of Chiba?

Have a blast at Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea going on rides and walking through the enchanting streets of the theme parks. For those who like animals or are living with children, the Chiba Zoological Park is a top attraction that would keep you entertained for hours. View animals native to the tropical forests, such as marmots, tropical birds and sloths. If you prefer something more tranquil, the Naritasan Temple is rich in culture and is a must-see.

2. What are the benefits of apartment rental in Chiba-shi with Village House?

There are several benefits to choosing to live in Village House. You have access to benefits such as:

  • Moving Support (1 month’s worth of rent (up to ¥30,000). This amount will be applied to your total initial move-in costs, which can also include the curtains and ceiling lights that you order through the Nitori campaign offered by us.
  • One month free rent
  • Moving company discount coupon
  • Refer-a-friend offer (a QUO card worth 10,000 yen to the referrer and 1 month of free rent for your friend (new residents only).

Please note however that these offers are only available for some Village House properties. We will gladly provide more information and details during your apartment visit.

3. Can I apply for a room that is not currently available?

It would not be possible to apply for rooms that are not available. However, we provide a notification service that provides you with more information about newly vacant rooms. If you would like to use the vacancy notification service, please contact the Sumai Soudan Center.

Please bear in mind that applications are on a first-come, first-served basis, so if you find an apartment in Chiba you like, submit your application documents so you can be sure you will secure it.

*Dependent on the credit check results and contract details, a deposit may be required.

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