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Funabashi-shi Apartments for Rent

Funabashi is a city in western Chiba prefecture. Formed by the merging of the post-town history of Funabashi and the fishing village background of Katsushika in 1937, the Funabashi today possesses a colorful mixed heritage that will be sure to charm you.

Boasting a seaside industrial zone for iron, steel, and petrochemical plants, as well as an agricultural zone in the north producing for the Tokyo market, Funabashi teems with activity for professionals working in the city. Additionally, upon the construction of major railway lines to Tokyo, Funabashi-shi also solidified its position in the region as a major component of the Tokyo-Yokohama metropolitan area and a residential suburb for workers in Tokyo.

With beautiful natural landscapes and a variety of attractions like picturesque parks and cultural landmarks, Funabashi city has much to offer to anyone who is willing to slow down and have a look. So if you are looking to relocate, let Village House provide you with cheap and conveniently located rental apartments that can allow you to explore the cozy lifestyle in Chiba prefecture’s Funabashi-shi.

Renting Cheap 2DK and 3DK Apartments in Funabashi-shi

Generally, in Japan, the layout of your apartment varies according to the number of separate rooms you may have. While the number of square feet each apartment provides is still a good gauge of how much space you can have, here are the definitions of the room types which will come in handy during your search for rental apartments in Funabashi city:

  • 1R: 1 room not separated from the kitchen (1 Room)
  • 1K: a kitchen and a separate room (1 Kitchen)
  • 1DK: a dining room/kitchen and a separate room (1 Dining Kitchen)
  • 1LDK: a living room/dining room/kitchen and a separate room (1 Living Dining Kitchen)
  • 2K: a kitchen and 2 separate rooms (2 Kitchen)
  • 2DK: a dining room/kitchen and 2 separate rooms (2 Dining Kitchen)
  • 2LDK: a living room/dining room/kitchen and 2 separate rooms (2 Living Dining Kitchen)
  • 3DK: a dining room/kitchen and 3 separate rooms (2 Dining Kitchen)
  • 3LDK: a living room/dining room/kitchen and 3 separate rooms (3 Living Dining Kitchen)

In Funabashi city, Village House has multiple options for affordable accommodation that will resolve your rental worries. Whether you are a career woman living alone or a family looking for a home to accommodate new job requirements, there will be a property that meets your spatial needs and budget limits.

If your job placement or school is in Tokyo and other cities around Funabashi, we recommend that you look into the 2DK rooms in Village House Futawa. Transport stations like Futawa-Mukōdai Station, Kamagayadaibutsu Station and Misaki Station are all located within a 12-minute walk from the apartment, cutting your traveling time within and outside Funabashi-shi so you can get more rest. This property is also perfect for people in search of well-ventilated apartments that are air-conditioned and modern in Funabashi city.

For families with children or teachers and healthcare professionals, Village House Kowagama will be ideal. As it is situated near schools like Kogawagama Kindergarten, Elementary School and Junior High School, you don’t have to worry about additional transport fees. Being a short walk away from the Higashi Funabashi Hospital, people who work in the hospital or those who may require easy access to healthcare will also appreciate the convenience of its location.

FAQs About Living in Funabashi-shi

1. What are some attractions in Funabashi city?

For avid shoppers, Funabashi’s LaLaPort Shopping Center that is located near JR Minami-Funabashi station is one of the bigger malls in the region with large-scale retail. Budget-conscious shoppers will rejoice at Japan’s largest Daiso, Giga Funabashi, near Keisei Funabashi Station, where they may discover 100 yen treasures across seven floors. In terms of cultural or natural landmarks, families with children and elderly members can always head down to Funabashi Andersen Park for an experience of Danish small-town life or visit the Funabashi Daijingu dedicated to Amaterasu, the sun goddess.

However, with all these fun activities and places scattered around the city, it is recommended for you to rent accommodations that are well located. With Village House’s selection of apartments that are close to train stations and bus stops, you can easily enjoy the weekend fun with family around town. With parking facilities for some of our rental apartments, you can rest assured that there will be space for your vehicle.

2. Is it expensive to live in Funabashi-shi?

Due to the proximity to Tokyo, Funabashi-shi is considered to have similar costs of living as Tokyo, but still slightly lower on average. With the majority of an average individual spending more on transportation expenses, finding a cheap apartment to rent and getting easy access to work, school or other daily amenities will definitely help in cutting down expenditure.

3. What documents are required to apply?

For individual contracts please have the following documents ready before application:

  • Application forms that were filled in accordance to Village House’s online instructions
  • ID card with a recent photo
  • Copy of income certificate including your most recent pay slip, salary statement, pension receipt, and other relevant documents
  • Copies of your bank book accounts, one where you receive salary and one which you will be using for payment of rent
  • Any insurance documents

Depending on the evaluation process, other documents may be required. If you have any other questions or clarifications to be made, please contact our crew of experienced Customer Support team at the Sumai Soudan Center.

*Dependent on the credit check results and contract details, a deposit may be required.

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