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  1. Exterior of Village House Toukoudai in Tsukuba-shi

    Village House Toukoudai

    Tokodai 3-17-1, Tsukuba-shi, Ibaraki-ken

    Kenkyū-gakuen Station - Tsukuba Express - 22 minutes walk, 1.8 km

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    • Exterior of Village House Ooho in Tsukuba-shi

      Village House Ooho

      Ozone 2201-1, Tsukuba-shi, Ibaraki-ken

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      • Exterior of Village House Houjou in Tsukuba-shi

        Village House Houjou

        Hojo 5130-2, Tsukuba-shi, Ibaraki-ken

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        Tsukuba Apartments For Rent

        Located in the southern Ibaraki Prefecture, Tsukuba-shi invites an alluring calm as a mesmerizing capital of science, nature and gastronomy. It is home to many beautiful gardens and passageways to scenic views via nature hikes and trails up Mount Tsukuba, which sits breathtakingly in the backdrop of the city. Let’s not forget its charming local cuisine, one that spotlights its own brand of rice, Hitachi Odamai, that has found its way into delectable rice balls, senbei crackers and rice-infused soft serve ice cream.

        More significantly, though, Tsukuba-shi is famous for the Tsukuba Science City, a carefully-planned research and education community that spans 285 square kilometers and comprises five towns and one village. Among the many research institutes in Tsukuba-shi include the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) and the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST).

        It’s no surprise then that Tsukuba City, located only 45 minutes north of Tokyo, has evolved from a short visitation city to a residential choice for those who want to live and work outside the metropolis. With abundant opportunities for work and recreation, you won’t need to think twice before making Tsukuba-shi your new home. And with access to affordable accommodation through Village House, you'll be sure to search and lock in a suitable rental unit, whether that is a 2DK, 2LDK or 3DK apartment.

        Plus, you can trust that our fees will remain cheap, without the need for any deposit*, key money, renewal fees, and handling fees.

        Affordable 2DK, 2LDK or 3DK Apartment For Rent

        If you’re moving to Tsukuba-shi with your family, you’d want to look for an apartment with just enough rooms to cater to your loved ones. Aside from that, you’d want to consider a rental unit that is situated nearby your workplace, your children’s schools or a range of public amenities to make traveling to and fro a breeze. For example, when you choose the 2LDK or 3DK apartments at Village House Houjou, you’d only need to walk four minutes to reach the nearest hospital, Tsukuba Central Hospital. This makes the rental unit the perfect option for doctors and nurses working in Tsukuba-shi, and for those who have regular medical checkups. In addition, the Tsukuba Bank Houjou and Joyo Bank Houjou are seven and 15 minutes away by foot, making it a comfortable travel distance for bank employees or when you need to run a financial errand. ALT or English teachers can also enjoy a significantly shorter commuting time as the Tsukuba Kindergarten, Houjou Elementary School and Tsukuba Higashi Junior High School are less than three kilometers away. This also means that sending your children to and fetching them from school is more convenient than ever. And for ease of accessibility, you can enjoy a quick nine-minute walk to the nearest bus stop to catch the Houjounaicho Bus on days you need to travel out further.

        If you’re looking for a 2DK rental unit in Tsukuba City, you can consider apartments at Village House Ooho. The Oozone Elementary School is only 12 minutes away if you choose to walk. The Inaho Kindergarten and Ooho Junior High Schools lie further out and are easily accessible within half an hour on a bicycle. You can also reach the nearest public office, post office and bank easily, with the Tsukuba-shi Ooho Branch, Ooho Post Office and Joyo Bank just 18 to 20 minutes away.

        The convenience doesn’t just stop here. We have thoughtfully renovated our apartments and rooms to allow for maximum use of space, while keeping our prices cheap. We also provide a range of amenities to ensure you have a comfortable stay, with extras like air conditioning, gas stoves and water heaters available at an affordable fee. You can also rest assured that these apartments are secure, so both men and women can feel safe should they be living alone.

        Book a rental unit in Tsukuba City or browse more apartments in the wider Ibaraki region.

        FAQs About Living in Tsukuba City

        1. Q

          1. What is Tsukuba City known for?


          Amid its variety of charming gardens, scenic hikes and wondrous gastronomical celebrations, Tsukuba City is known for being the center of science in Japan. Home to the JAXA, AIST and numerous other research institutions, the city revels in the marvel of science and technology, making it one of the best places to work and live in for scientists, engineers and the like.

        2. Q

          2. How do I rent an apartment in Tsukuba City?


          It’s easy to book a 2DK, 2LDK and 3DK apartment in Tsukuba-shi with our hassle-free rental process. You will need to complete the application forms and bring copies of:

          • The front and back of Japanese Residence Cards (Zairyu Card) for all non-Japanese nationals that will be moving into the apartment
          • Your Income Certificate. You may provide us with the latest Salary Statement, Pay Slip, Pension Receipt or Welfare Receipt, for example. If you are changing jobs, please share the employment contract or job placement notice that includes your estimated salary.
          • Bank passbooks of both the accounts you will register for direct debit with and the account where you receive your salary. This should be up-to-date with your last transaction and have your name on it.

          When required, we will request for additional documents to facilitate the rental process before you can move into your new apartment in Tsukuba-shi. Please view our FAQ page for more information on our rental application procedures.

        3. Q

          3. Can I move in immediately with my family upon signing the contract?


          You’ll need to wait for the application to process, which typically takes about 10 to 15 days. Upon notification of approval and completion of all contractual procedures, you may then begin living in the apartment. It is recommended that you shortlist a few of our units in Tsukuba City for viewing, alone or with your family. Once you decide to apply for any of the units, we can then move forward with the rental process. To support this, we will need:

          • Prorated and full fee for the first and second month respectively (including common service fee for both)
          • Compulsory insurance fee, starting from ¥10,000, that’ll cover you for two years during your stay with us

          The cheap prices of our rental apartments in Tsukuba City ensure you can search and rent a suitable room or unit within your budget. However, we recommend that you keep track of your monthly expenditures, including water and electricity bills, so you can enjoy financial convenience when you stay with us.

        4. *Dependent on the credit check results and contract details, a deposit may be required.

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