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  1. Exterior of Village House Yuuki Dai 2 in Yuki-shi

    Village House Yuuki Dai 2

    Kanakubo 1355-1, Yuki-shi, Ibaraki-ken

    Higashi-Yūki Station - JR Mito Line - 34 minutes walk, 2.7 km

    2 Vacancy See this property
    • Rent:
      ROOM SIZE:
      53.96m² / 2LDK
      2-504 South (2 Building / 5 Floor)
      Air Conditioner
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    • 360°View
      ROOM SIZE:
      53.96m² / 3DK
      2-203 South (2 Building / 2 Floor)
      Air Conditioner
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  2. Exterior of Village House Yuuki in Yuki-shi

    Village House Yuuki

    Yuki 9381-6, Yuki-shi, Ibaraki-ken

    Otabayashi Station - JR Mito Line - 28 minutes walk, 2.3 km

    No Vacancy See this property

    Yuki-shi Apartments for Rent

    Yuki-shi is located in the Ibaraki Prefecture of Japan, near the borders of Tochigi Prefecture. Its population of just over 50,000 enjoys warm summers and cool winters. The city is home to yuki-tsumugi and a rich religious history.

    Yuki-shi used to be an integral center for the production of cotton, flax and woven goods in Japan, during the Nara period. It is famously-known for its traditional silk production technique called yuki-tsumugi. This culture is so unique it has been accorded an Intangible Cultural Property by UNESCO. Yuki-shi’s older temples and Buddhist shrines also carry a rich religious history.

    Today, it is a quaint city that makes for an ideal living place for individuals and families looking to relocate. With thousands of rental properties all over Japan, Village House can offer you the right properties for rent in Yuki-shi to suit your needs.

    2K, 2DK and More Apartments in Yuki-shi for Rent

    Yuki-shi apartments are conveniently located near train stations and schools. You may rent one such as Village House Yuuki, just 2.3km away from Otabayashi Station on the JR Mito line. Jousai Elementary School is also close by, making it ideal for families with young children.

    Village House Yuuki apartments for rent are available in 2K - a 2-room with 1 kitchen layout. From around ¥35,000 a month, you can enjoy over 33 sqm of a clean and well-maintained space. The rooms are renovated and ready to welcome you.

    One more property near the JR Mito line is Village House Yuuki Dai 2. It offers 2DK apartments for rent in Yuki-shi and sits approximately 2.7km away from the Higashi-Yuki station. The location is surrounded by amenities with at least 2 schools, a bank, community centers, convenience stores and the beautiful Kanakubo Sports Park for recreational activities.

    Village House Yuuki Dai 2 apartments consist of 2 rooms, 1 dining and 1 kitchen. The renovated rooms measure over 39 sqm and rental start at around ¥45,000 per month.

    If you are looking to relocate to Yuki-shi, our properties for rent are conveniently-located, well-maintained and low-cost. To make renting a home simpler for you, other costs such as key money, security deposit*, handling and renewal fees are also not required.

    FAQs About Living in Yuki-shi

    1. Q

      1. Is it costly to live in Yuki-shi?


      The average cost of living in Yuki-shi is about ¥75,300 per month per person. This includes food which averages around ¥52,300 and transportation costs of ¥9,500 per month. If you are looking to save costs, having public transport nearby can be helpful.

      You can also save on home appliances such as a water heater and gas stove when you make a request to Village House. Appliances are available at an extra cost when you rent an apartment in Yuki.

    2. Q

      2. What can I look forward to in Yuki-shi?


      From your apartment in Yuki-shi, you can head to the peaceful Kanakubo Sports Park for fun activities. If you are feeling more adventurous, take a day trip to Mt. Tsukuba, which is within the Ibaraki Prefecture. Go by car or take one of the many shuttle buses from nearby train stations, to bring you there.

      Trek, hike or revel in its seasonal beauty. Its colors of nature during autumn are simply stunning so be sure to pack a camera with you. Legend has it that the mountain's two peaks were lovers and some visited to send their prayers as they seek a soulmate.

      For inquisitive minds, visit the Yuki City Gallery of Traditional Arts & Crafts for an educational experience. Observe the centuries-old method of silk-making, which was recognized as an Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO. Stop by their Yuki Information & Communication Center to bring home some lovely silk products.

    3. Q

      3. How do I rent an apartment in Yuki-shi through Village House?


      To rent an apartment in Yuki-shi through Village House, follow these steps:

      • Choose a property with the floor plan that you like from Village House’s website
      • Click ‘Enquire Now’ on our website or contact us directly by phone
      • We will schedule a day and time for you to inspect the property and submit all important documents
      • When documents are approved for application, you may then sign the rental agreement

    4. *Dependent on the credit check results and contract details, a deposit may be required.

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