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Himeji-shi Apartments for Rent

Himeji is a city located in Hyogo Prefecture, Japan. The city is best known for Himeji Castle, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The castle is considered to be one of the finest examples of Japanese castle architecture, and it is often referred to as the "White Heron Castle" due to its elegant white exterior. In addition to the castle, Himeji is also home to a number of other historical sites and museums. The city is also well-connected to Osaka and Kyoto, and is convenient for commuting to other parts of the Kansai region.

If you are keen to move to Himeji City, you won’t have to worry about home renovation costs when you have spacious and comfortable apartments to rent with Village House. Here, you can find cheap apartments for rent without needing to pay the key money, security deposit, renewal or handling fee.*

With properties in over 1,000 locations throughout Japan, why not kickstart your room search with Village House to find rental apartments in Himeji-shi? Whether you are living alone or moving in with your family, rest assured there are apartments of various sizes to accommodate your needs.

1DK, 2K and More Apartments in Himeji-shi

No need to think about the hassle and expense of renovation when you can simply move into a rental unit that is already complete and ready to live in. To simplify your room search in Himeji City, here are a few options that can fit your price range.

Starting from around ¥25,000 per month, you can rent a 2K Village House Nishi Yumesaki Dai 2 apartment in Himeji City. This property is a minute away from the nearest bus stop. You can also head over to Agaho Station, Harima-Takaoka Station, and Yobe Station to get around Himeji-shi. For teachers, this rental apartment is also close to Hachiman Kindergarten, Hachiman Elementary School, and Yumesaki Junior High School.

If you want to stay near Yobe Station or Harima-Takaoka Station in Himeji-shi, our Village House Shoshadai is another rental apartment worth considering. Available in 3DK configurations, this apartment is also situated close to Oichi Station. You will also be within walking distance to Sosa Kindergarten, Sosa Elementary School, and Shosha Junior High School.

For those living alone, our 1DK and 2K Village House Imazaike apartments for rent will provide you with just the right amount of space at cheap rates in Himeji-shi. Whether you’re looking for 2LDK, 3DK, or other rental properties in Himeji City, you are sure to find the perfect home away from home for you and your family via Village House.

FAQs About Living in Himeji

1. Is it expensive to live in Himeji?

You’ll need to budget about ¥162,000 for your monthly expenses in Himeji. This includes ¥56,000 on food and ¥24,000 on everyday transport. Living near public transport will thus save time and reduce your travel costs. Be sure to check out the nearest bus stops and railway stations when browsing for your ideal Village House rental apartment.

Additionally, save time looking for appliances when you can easily request items like a gas stove, air conditioner, kitchen water heater, and/or toilet washlet. These are available at an extra cost at Village House.

2. What are some highlights of Himeji?

Himeji Castle is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Japan. The castle is a masterpiece of Japanese architecture and was designated a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1993. You can explore the castle's many rooms and corridors, and enjoy stunning views of the surrounding countryside from the top of the main keep. Other popular attractions in Himeji include the Kokoen Garden, Mount Shosha, and Taiyo Park.

You can also look forward to the Himeji Yukata festival, the oldest festival of its type in Japan that dates back more than 260 years. The festival is held every year in June and features a procession of people wearing traditional Yukata robes. The festival is a wonderful opportunity to experience traditional Japanese culture at its best.

3. How do I apply to rent a property in Himeji with Village House?

If you are interested in any of our 1DK, 2K, 2LDK, or 3DK apartments for rent in Himeji-shi and other parts of Japan, you will need to prepare the following documents:

  • Completed application forms, which we will provide.
  • A clear copy of the front and back of your Japanese Residence Cards, also known as the Zairyu Card. This is required of all non-Japanese nationals moving into the apartment.
  • A copy of your Income Certificate. This may include the most recent Salary Statement, Pay Slip, Pension Receipt or Welfare Receipt. If you have recently changed jobs or accepted a new job offer, you will need to provide an employment contract or job placement notice stating your estimated salary.
  • A copy of your bank passbooks of both the account you will register for direct debit with and the account where you receive your salary. This should have your latest transaction shown and your name on it.

*Dependent on the credit check results and contract details, a deposit may be required.

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