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Nagahama Apartments for Rent

A city located in Shiga Prefecture, Japan, the city of Nagahama used to be a castle town in its early days. Now, Nagahama is flourishing as a city of artisans and merchants. With rows of elegant wooden houses and traditional architecture lining the streets, famous spring festivals, a sacred island with ancient temples, and artisans’ studios, there is no doubt that you’ll be charmed by the eclectic allure of Nagahama-shi.

If you are considering relocating to Nagahama city, whether for work or school, you can always consider Village House’s rental apartments. We offer an excellent range of 1DK apartments for rent in Nagahama-shi. Our apartments in Nagahama-shi are located close to nurseries, kindergartens, elementary and junior high schools – the perfect choice for English teachers or ALTs. Our apartments are also within walking distance of the city’s public transport systems to make your daily commute convenient.

Discover our extensive selection of cheap apartments for rent in Nagahama-shi at Village House today!

Cheap Nagahama City Rental Apartments

As you prepare for your move to Nagahama-shi in Shiga Prefecture, Japan, it’s important to keep in mind certain things that can help you make the most of your stay. This includes securing a rental apartment for your long-term stay in Nagahama-shi. Whether you are living alone or moving across the country with your family, it is always crucial to find the right apartment beforehand to ensure a smooth moving experience to Nagahama city.

Located 10 minutes away from our 1DK apartments for rent at Village House Kada lies the Kanda Kindergarten, Minami Elementary School, and Minami Junior High School in Nagahama city. This means that ALT or English teachers employed in these schools can enjoy a significantly shorter commute, while parents will find sending their children to and from these schools a breeze. With this rental property, healthcare professionals working at the Nagahama Hospital can reach their workplace in 20 minutes by foot. The distance also makes it convenient for those who need to go to the hospital for regular checkups too. Those who need to commute further for work can head to the nearest bus stop just 15 minutes away or take a bike ride down to stations located on the JR Hokuriku Main Line in less than 30 minutes.

Complementing the convenience of your stay and commute around Nagahama City is the ease of living that our rental apartments can offer. For instance, you can find a range of built-in amenities available, with extras like air conditioning, gas stoves, as well as water heaters at an affordable rate.

FAQs About Living in Nagahama City

1. Is it expensive to live in Nagahama-shi?

If you are planning to stay in Nagahama-shi for two years and more, then it is best to set aside ¥149,000 per month for your daily expenses. This would include ¥54,000 on food and ¥11,000 on transport. However, you do not have to fret over the costs of living when you choose to live in Village House’s apartments for rent in Nagahama-shi. Not only do we provide apartments at a cheap price, but we also have ongoing promotions to help you save money when you first move in*.

*Promotion does not apply to some rental properties.

2. What are some highlights of living in an apartment for rent in Nagahama city?

Some of the top highlights of living in a Nagahama-shi apartment for rent include visiting Chikubu Island, the second biggest island on Lake Biwa, which is said to house a local deity. You can also head down to the Hōkoku Shrine in January and October to participate in the festivities and take home mochi rice cakes at the end of it. The Nagahama Castle is a must-visit for anyone interested in the history of Japan, while the Kurokabe Glass Kansho Kan is a great place for you to take in the beauty of the city’s artisan glass-making industry. You can also visit Mt. Shizugatake and Okubiwako Parkway for scenic views surrounding the Nagahama-shi.

3. How do I book an apartment for rent in Nagahama-shi?

Booking a rental apartment doesn’t have to be a stressful process. As long as you have all of the following documents in order, Village House will strive to provide you with a smooth-sailing experience from start to finish!

Here’s a list of what you need:

  • For non-Japanese nationals, clear copies of Japanese Residence Cards (both the front and back)
  • A copy of the applicant’s Income Certificate (Salary Statement, Pay Slip, Pension Receipt and other official proofs of income are all acceptable). If you have changed jobs recently or have just accepted a new job offer, you’ll need to furnish us with your employment contract or job placement notice detailing your estimated payment instead.
  • Copies of your bank passbooks of the accounts you will register for direct debit and that which receives your salary payments. Please ensure that your photocopies show both your latest transaction and your name.
  • Completed application forms – these forms will be provided to you. Simply fill them out and let us know if you require assistance.

Kindly refer to our FAQs for more information.

*Dependent on the credit check results and contract details, a deposit may be required.

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