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Koriyama Apartments for Rent

Known as the commercial capital of Fukushima, Koriyama-shi is a commercial center boasting a local economy underpinned by textiles, chemicals, and machinery. Situated in the famous Abukuma River valley, the city is flanked to the west and east by mountain ranges, meaning those living in Koriyama-shi can enjoy scenic backdrop views across the horizon.

With a reasonable population density that offers enough peace, tranquility and warmth away from the hustle of larger cities, Koriyama-shi is a prime location for anyone looking to work in major hubs but prefers somewhere quiet to call their home. At Village House, we make this possible with our suite of apartments and properties for rent across a wide range of options, including 2K and 2LDK. Plus, most of our apartments are situated close to various public amenities such as hospitals, banks, and schools – as such, traveling to work, dropping your child off for classes, or accessing public services is made a lot easier. This is further complemented by accessible transportation options to make traveling around the city a breeze.

Plus, we’ve also made moving to Koriyama-shi hassle-free when you choose any of our apartments for rent – there is no need for deposit*, key money, renewal, or handling fees to ensure that everything is easier in your pocket.

Affordable 2K and 2LDK Apartments to Rent in Koriyama

As you prepare for your move to Koriyama-shi, there are certain important aspects that you have to consider before you can take full advantage of the growth opportunities that await you. This includes securing an apartment for your long-term stay in Koriyama; whether you are making the move on your own or with your family and loved ones, it is crucial to find the right apartment beforehand so as to smoothen the moving process.

From just ¥25,000, Village House makes it easy and affordable for locals and foreigners to find comfortable accommodations in Koriyama-shi. For instance, if you are moving to Koriyama with your family, Village House Asaka gives you the option of affordable 2K apartments with a unit size of 28.98m2 for rent. If you are looking for a place to teach or a school to enroll your child in. In that case, you can find Nagamori Nursery, Nagamori Elementary School, and Asaka Junior High School within walking distance of your apartment.

Solo travelers can also make Village House Kameda their ideal home for the next two years. Here, we have 2K apartments available for rent from ¥38,000. In terms of commute, schools, as well as public amenities like the bank and hospital, are easily accessible. The apartment is also located near a Shimokameda Bus stop, with the nearest train station being Kōriyamatomita Station on the JR Banetsu West Line.

Want to discuss your apartment options in Koriyama-shi? Simply reach out to our friendly staff to have a chat and let us help guide you through the type of apartments for rent that would match your preferences and nuanced needs before you make the move to Koriyama-shi.

FAQs About Living in Koriyama-shi

1. Is it expensive to live in Koriyama-shi?

Living in Korimiya-shi is relatively cheap compared to other cities in Tokyo, like Japan. The estimated average cost of living in the city, including rent for your apartment for an individual living alone, is ¥162,362. Furthermore, the affordable Koriyama-shi apartments for rent at Village House make it a lot easier for you to save money, so you can even travel to other parts of the country to sightsee or even go back home frequently.

2. What are the major highlights of living in an apartment for rent in Koriyama-shi?

Living in an apartment for rent in Koriyama-shi allows you to experience the tranquility of nature that the city is known for. Bask in the beauty of over 1,000 cherry trees that bloom in spring and admire the beauty of roses at the Rose Garden in fall. After work, take a relaxing stroll at parks like Kaiseizan Park or Hayama Park. There are also several museums, shrines, and onsens to visit in and around the city – giving you plenty of options for a laidback weekend full of rest.

3. How do I apply for an apartment for rent in Koriyama-shi?

Booking a 2K apartment in Koriyama-shi doesn’t have to be a stressful process. If you have all of your documents in order, Village House provides a smooth-sailing experience from start to finish! Here’s all you need to have ready:

  • Completed application forms
  • Residence card for foreigners
  • Copy of income certificate; this can be your recent payslip, salary statement, pension receipt, etc.
  • Copy of the bank book; this should be the book of the account your salary is credited into and the account with which you will pay rent.
  • Insurance documents

Our process is straightforward so you can focus on settling into your new home instead of worrying about miscellaneous matters. Find out more information in our FAQ page here.

*Dependent on the credit check results and contract details, a deposit may be required.

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