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Inazawa-Shi Apartments for Rent

Inazawa-shi is a city in the flatlands of Aichi Prefecture and lies close to the western side of Gifu Prefecture. Located within the Chūbu region, the city is much quieter compared to bigger cities like Tokyo, Kyoto, or Osaka – making it an ideal location for anyone who wants to embrace the peaceful tranquility of Japan’s smaller cities.

Inazawa is also considered part of the Tōkai region, a subregion of the Chūbu and Kansai regions that lies along Japan’s southern coast bordering the Pacific Ocean. The Tōkai region is one the most manufacturing-heavy and industry-heavy areas in Japan and is home to notable companies such as Toyota, Yamaha, Kawai, Suzuki, and Roland.

Renting an apartment in Inazawa brings you closer to these industrial opportunities while allowing you to enjoy a laid back daily lifestyle. Village House offers a variety of convenient and affordable apartment accommodation rentals in Inazawa for those looking to start a new life in this city. ALTs/English teachers and foreign residents are welcome to apply for an apartment rental with us as our centrally-located properties make it much easier to adapt to starting a new life in Inazawa.

Discover Cheap and Convenient Apartment Rentals in Inazawa City

Whether you are looking for a spacious 3DK or a compact 2DK, Village House has ample apartment locations for rent in Inazawa-shi for you to choose from.

The Village House Mashita property houses both 3DK and 2LDK units with 57.96m2 of space giving you more flexibility in your accommodation options. Located just a 9 minute walk from Minori Nursery, 17 minute walk from Sato Nishi Elementary School, and 20 minute walk from Sato Junior High School, these apartments are ideal for small or growing families who enjoy and require accessibility to essential amenities and utilities.

Those who are living alone or with 1 roommate may prefer Village House Inokuchi property instead which includes 2DK apartments. With 46.96m2 of space, these cheap units are compact and cozy yet spacious enough to guarantee privacy between roommates. Nearby amenities include the Inazawa Municipal Office and walkable access to the Meitetsu Nagoya Railway Line.

All apartment units at both Village House Mashita and Village House Inokuchi can also come with an air conditioner at an extra cost, allowing you to stay very comfortable even during the hot summer months.

FAQs About Living in Inazawa

1. What attractions or highlights are there in Inazawa?

Compared to Nagoya – the capital city of Aichi prefecture – Inazawa is a quiet and serene city to reside in with an estimated cost of living of ¥143,320. This makes it popular for those seeking a more relaxed lifestyle away from the big city. Popular highlights in Inazawa include religious sites like Shokai Shrine, Owari Okunitama Shrine, and Sobue Zenkoji Temple, as well as natural sights like the Kokuei Kisosansen Park.

2. How do I rent a Village House apartment in Inazawa?

Village House’s straightforward and simple rental procedure makes it easy to rent and move into a new apartment in Inazawa. Once you’ve viewed and selected the apartment and unit of your choice, submit an application form to us along with the following documents:

  • Application forms
  • Residence card if you are a foreigner
  • Copy of Income Certificate (Your recent payslip, salary statement or pension receipt will suffice.)
  • Copy of Bank Book (Please ensure that the book is of the account in which your salary is credited and the account with which you will make all rental payments.)
  • Insurance Documents

Additional documents might be required to facilitate the rental process. Find out more about the application and rental process in our FAQs.

3. What benefits do I get if I rent an apartment in Inazawa with Village House?

Village House is proud to offer the following benefits when you rent an apartment in Inazawa with us:

  • Moving Support (worth 1 month’s worth of rent up to ¥30,000) – this will be applied to your total initial move-in costs and can include additional home decor and furnishings ordered through Village House’s Furniture campaign
  • One month free rent
  • Discount coupons for selected moving companies

These benefits only apply to certain Village House properties. Enquire with your apartment manager or our friendly call center and English-speaking inquiries team during the rental process to find out if you can enjoy these benefits.

*Dependent on the credit check results and contract details, a deposit may be required.

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