Sustainability Policy

May 29, 2020
Fortress Investment Group (Japan) GK
Village House Management Co., Ltd.

As a fund management and asset management company, we recognize it is strongly required by investor community to integrate environmental, social and governance (ESG) consideration into our operation and it also contributes to maximize our investment returns. Therefore, we have established this policy to promote ESG approach in our management of Village House Properties and we are committed to make continuous progress on following issues.

1. Efficient energy consumption
We pursue efficient energy use in our operations by adopting energy efficient equipment and improving building operation.

2. Mitigation and Adaptation of Climate change
We are committed to mitigate climate change by reducing our greenhouse gas emissions through efficient energy use and utilizing renewable energy where possible.
We also take action to adapt climate change by improving energy efficiency and resilience of our properties to cope with physical and transition risks. Along with controlling these risks, we will explore potential business opportunities that climate change may bring to the investments.

3. Efficient use of resources
We take measures to reduce water consumption and waste amount from our properties by implementing water efficient equipment and encouraging stakeholders to reduce and separate waste.

4. Stakeholder Engagement
We recognize employees, suppliers, tenants and community as our dominant stakeholders and actively engage with them to promote our sustainability.

We provide our employees with health and wellbeing benefits, opportunity to enhance their career and fair evaluation/compensation along with trainings to raise their awareness on sustainability.

We encourage our suppliers to actively cooperate on promoting sustainability in our property by engaging with them to share our value.

We pursue improving tenant satisfaction by providing the residence that enhance their health, safety and wellbeing. We endeavor to raise tenant awareness on sustainability and work together to raise environmental performance of our property.

We seek ways to contribute and bring positive impact to the community surrounding our property.

5. Compliance
We pursue compliance with all respective laws and regulations and also take measures to appropriately manage risks.

6. Transparency
We will actively disclose our ESG performance to fulfill transparency and accountability for our stakeholders.

In order to ensure the effectiveness of our Sustainability Policy, we have established following policies to serve as guidelines for activities related to the areas listed above:

- Internal Policy for ESG Committee and Stakeholder Engagement
- Energy Efficiency Policy
- Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction Policy
- Sustainable Procurement Policy

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