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Iwamizawa-Shi Apartments for Rent

Located at the northernmost tip of Japan, Hokkaido Prefecture is renowned for its relatively dry and warm summers and ample winter snowfall that set it apart from the other areas of the country. The prefecture’s unique wildlife, stunning national parks, and high-quality snow make Hokkaido a popular holiday destination for some, and a nature-adjacent home for others.

Iwamizawa-shi is just one of the cities nestled within this beautiful prefecture, and lies on the western side of Hokkaido in Sorachi Subprefecture. The city was originally developed around Iwamizawa Station, a railway station first opened in 1884. As more people began to pass through the station, the nearby Iwamizawa village grew into a town before merging with nearby Kita village in 2006 to form Iwamizawa-shi.

Renting an apartment in Iwamizawa-shi allows you to enjoy the beauty of Hokkaido Prefecture alongside the tranquility of one of the area’s smaller cities. Village House’s rental properties offer affordable housing options in Iwamizawa for everyone, from families to couples to ALTs/English teachers. Our apartments for rent come in various sizes and configurations to suit your needs and are centrally-located within walking distance of key amenities, facilities, and schools.

Cheap and Convenient Apartment Rentals in Iwamizawa

On the search for an apartment or room in Iwamizawa-shi? Look no further because Village House has plenty of comfortable and renovated apartments for rent to choose from.

Village House Kurisawa is just a 13 minute walk from Kurisawa Station on the JR Muroran Main Line (Tomakomai - Iwamizawa) which conveniently connects you to dozen of cities and towns along the Iburi coast as well a transfer to Chitose Line, Hidaka Main Line, and Hakodate Main Line. Comprising apartment units of several layouts including 1LDK and 2LDK, this property is suitable for those living alone, couples, or small families. Several schools are also within a 22 minute walk including Sumire Kindergarten, Kurisawa Elementary School, and Kurisawa Junior High School.

Small families or roommates looking for added space and privacy will also appreciate the 2LDK apartment units at Village House Shin Higashimachi with 53.21m2 of space. Located a 5 minute walk from Higashi Nursery, an 11 minute walk from Iwamizawa Higashi Elementary School, and 10 minute walk from Sakae-machi Post Office, these rental properties provide ample access to essential amenities and services.

FAQs About Living in Iwamizawa

1. What are some of the sights and highlights of Iwamizawa?

As with many other cities in Hokkaido Prefecture, Iwamizawa’s key highlights are ryokan hot springs, nature parks like Gyokusenkan Atochi Park, ski resorts like Hagiyama Civic Ski Resort, and wineries and vineyards like Hosui Winery.

Iwamizawa Rose Garden is also well known for having over 9,000 individual rose plants on its grounds and hosting a yearly rose festival every June. The city is also home to unique attractions such as the Hokkaido Greenland amusement park – the largest amusement park in Hokkaido – and smaller museums like the Iwamizawa Folk and Science Museum.

2. Is it expensive to live in Iwamizawa?

The average cost of living in Iwamizawa is roughly ¥144,000, making it a much cheaper option than other major cities in Hokkaido Prefecture such as Sapporo or Hakodate. To make it even more affordable to start your life in Iwamizawa, all Village House rental properties come complete with renovation so that your apartment is move-in ready from day 1.

3. How do I rent an apartment in Iwamizawa-shi from Village House?

Village House’s simple and easy-to-understand rental procedure is the same for all of our properties including our apartments in Iwamizawa-shi. Once you’ve selected the apartment and unit you intend to rent, simply submit an application form to us including the following documents:

  • Application forms
  • Residence card if you are a foreigner
  • Copy of Income Certificate (Your recent payslip, salary statement or pension receipt will suffice.)
  • Copy of Bank Book (Please ensure that the book is of the account in which your salary is credited and the account with which you will make all rental payments.)
  • Insurance Documents

Additional documents may be requested to facilitate the rental process. Find out more in our FAQs.

*Dependent on the credit check results and contract details, a deposit may be required.

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