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Ota-shi Apartments for Rent

Ota-shi is a city located in Japan’s Gunma Prefecture, at its extreme southeast portion in the northern Kanto Plains. Bordered by both the Tochigi Prefecture and Saitama Prefecture, the city of Ota rests northwest of Tokyo, at about 80 kilometers away from the metropolitan city’s central area. Apart from offering numerous apartments and other properties for rent, Ota-shi’s renown is also built upon its world-leading manufacturing industry, wherein the likes of Subaru and other automobile manufacturers choose to headquarter their productions.

The city of Ota is also highly characterized by its vast farmlands that produce rice and other essential crops, along with its function as a major transportation hub for the Tomo region of Japan as a whole. It is also well-known amongst the locals for having one of Japan’s largest entertainment districts. Home to about 220,000 residents, Ota-shi has always been a popular place of residence in Japan, and its many pristine rental apartments that are continually filling up with tenants from all over the world are testament to the very fact.

But even with so many coveting apartments and other properties for rent in Ota, relocating to this Japanese city does not innately entail difficulty or high costs. With an abundance of cheap and affordable apartments available at Village House, you’ll be able to move to Ota-shi swiftly and easily. To top things off, our Ota apartments require no deposit*, renewal, handling, or key money fee, so you can enjoy a fast and fuss-free relocation with our Ota City rental apartments.

Ota-shi Gunma-ken Apartments for Rent

With the high demand for Ota-shi rental apartments, you may be worried about how you can go about finding a good yet cheap apartment for rent in the city. But fret not, our wide line-up of accommodation options at Village House means that you won’t have to break a sweat searching. Furthermore, each of our Ota-shi apartments for rent is strategically situated near essential city touchpoints, such that you can enjoy utmost convenience.

Firstly, there’s Village House Takabayashi in Oota-shi Gunma-ken, which features its own parking facilities, renovated 2K apartments for rent, and built-in air conditioning. The property for rent also has its own personal entrance bus stop for those looking to take public transportation in Ota-shi, with Hosoya Station, Ota Station, and the Nishi-Koizumi Station being not too far away either. No further than a 10-minute walk also sits a nursery, elementary school and junior high school, as well as Horie Hospital.

Village House Higashi Kanai is another accommodation option for those who want to stay in an Ota-shi apartment. Similarly, the 2K apartments for rent in Village House Higashi Kanai are renovated for improved comfort, with built-in air conditioning. There are also parking facilities for those who wish to drive, albeit Niragawa station can be easily reached by foot in 18 minutes. Ota station, Sammaibashi Station and Ota Station south exit bus stop are all easily accessible from these 2K rental apartments.

Browse our apartments for rent in Ota-shi today!

FAQs About Living in Ota-shi

1. Is it expensive to live in a rental apartment in Ota-shi?

Despite its many merits, living in a rental apartment in Ota-shi does not necessitate high expenses. The average cost of living for an individual in Ota-shi is about ¥151,000, while the average expenses of a family of four sits at around ¥381,000.

2. What are some highlights of Ota City?

Highlights of living in an Ota City apartment for rent include: the renowned Gunma Kids’ Country comprising a huge park, science center, and theater; Ohta Hokubu Sports Park; the site of Kanayama Castle; and beautiful temples and shrines such as Kang-in Temple, Serada Toshogu Shrine, and the Koizumi Inari Shrine.

3. How do I apply to rent an apartment in Ota-shi with Village House?

To apply for a Village House apartment for rent in Ota-shi, you simply need to do the following:

  • Non-Japanese nationals must present clear copies of the Japanese Residence Cards (both the front and back) of all who will be living in the rental apartment.
  • Prepare a copy of the applicant’s Income Certificate (Salary Statement, Pay Slip, Pension Receipt and other official proofs of income are all acceptable). An employment contract or job placement notice detailing estimated salary will also suffice if the applicant has recently switched jobs or recently accepted a new job offer.
  • Also required is a copy of your employment contract or job placement notice that includes your estimated salary.
  • For both the bank accounts you have registered to receive your salary payments and that which you will be using for direct debit, make copies of their official passbooks while ensuring that both your latest transaction and name are displayed.
  • Completed application forms – we will provide these to you to fill; do so while keeping to the written instructions.

*Dependent on the credit check results and contract details, a deposit may be required.

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