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Hitachi-shi Properties for Rent

While it may be easy to associate Hitachi with the well-established brand for electronic products like power plants and appliances, the name actually originates from the city in Ibaraki prefecture.

Boasting a history of being a copper mining town until the mine closed in 1980, Hitachi City is a major industrial center with the city’s harbor being the largest commercial port in the prefecture. Known for its stunning flower gardens, vibrant cultural landscape and prime location for sunset views by the Pacific Ocean coast, Hitachi-shi has much to offer as a city.

At Village House, we hope to provide you an opportunity to immerse in the culture and life of beautiful Hitachi City by offering cheap yet comfortable properties for rent. Located in quaint neighborhoods filled with lush greenery, no matter if you are renting for your family or living alone in this city for work, we have just the right apartments for you in Hitachi-shi.

Affordable 2LDK or 3DK Apartment For Rent

At Village House Juuou, enjoy the peace and quiet around you in your comfortable 3DK or 2LDK apartments that are renovated. Especially suitable for teachers and students living alone, the apartment is a short 15 minutes’ walk away from Kushigata Kindergarten, Kushigata Elementary School and Juuou Junior High School, ensuring that you’ll be able to commute easily. At a walking distance of 20 minutes from Jūō Station, the location of this apartment will enable you to travel to other cities for work or play as well.

For couples with young children who may require more space and better access to schools and other amenities, check out Village House Hitachi. The nearest schools like Minami Takano Nursery, Sakamoto Elementary School, and Sakamoto Junior High School are all located within a walkable distance of less than 12 minutes. Furthermore, should you require a little break for the kids and yourself, you can always take a quick stroll to Minamikoya Daisan Jido Park for some family bonding time or a fun game of soccer! Traveling and the occasional business at public offices is convenient as well when the bus stop is a five minutes’ walk away and the Hitachi Municipal Office Nanbu Branch is 10 minutes away from the rental apartment.

If you are a healthcare professional or even someone who may require frequent medical assistance for yourself and your family members, Village House Minami Koya is the choice to satisfy your needs. With parking available, these 3DK apartments are spacious and elderly friendly, making the short drive to Kenpoku Medical Center that much more convenient for you. Besides being a cheap option for a second-hand apartment in Hitachi city, this property is also seven minutes away from the Minamikoya Heritage Park where you can watch the seasons pass in the company of friends and family.

FAQs About Living in Hitachi City

1. Is it costly to live in Hitachi-shi?

It is relatively affordable to live in Hitachi-shi as rental apartments at Village House are around the price of ¥40,000 even for the 3DK apartments that have more than 57 square meters of space. However, the expenditure for transportation costs may be higher hence it is important to find cheap apartments for rent in Hitachi city that is closer to bus stations or your place of work or study.

2. What are some specialties of Hitachi City?

Hitachi-shi is rich in cultural heritage and filled with enchanting natural spaces. Some of the most well-known spots are the extraordinary views of Hitachi Seaside Park in autumn and spring as well as the Oiwa Shrine which is one of the oldest and most spiritually charged shrines in Japan. Catch a glimpse of the legendary Hitachi Furyumono during the annual Hitachi Sakura Matsuri near early April and be awed by the grandeur of the celebrations.

3. How do I rent a apartment in Hitachi through Village House

To facilitate your rental experience to the best of our abilities, at Village House, we keep things easy for you with our policies – No deposit*, key money, renewal or brokerage fees.

Follow these steps to get your rental apartment in the homely city of Hitachi now.

  • After finding a suitable property for rent in Hitachi, contact us through phone or submit a form on our website.
  • Decide on a property and floor plan that is the best fit for your lifestyle.
  • Visit our properties to take a look at the space and surroundings.
  • Submit your application for the evaluation process.
  • Finally, sign the contract to finalize your rental of the property and move in as scheduled.

*Dependent on the credit check results and contract details, a deposit may be required.

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