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Hiratsuka Apartments for Rent

Located in the heart of Kanagawa Prefecture, along the Sagami River, Hiratsuka is one of the smaller cities in Japan with a rich and storied history of its own. Mentions of Hiratsuka in ancient Japanese writings date back to the Nara period, and the area was a major player through the Heian to Kamakura periods prior to coming under the control of the famous shogun,Tokugawa Ieyasu. After 1945, the city underwent massive reconstruction efforts, with major improvements made to its urban, commercial, and residential areas.

Since then, Hiratsuka has become a bustling idyllic city steeped in its ancient history, while remaining a commercial center within the prefecture. Thinking about moving to Hiratsuka, and enjoying what this beautiful city has to offer? Village House apartments for rent are just the living accommodations to consider. Each rental apartment is centrally located in close proximity to schools, transport hubs, and retail outlets – making it easier than ever to move and adjust to a new life in the city!

Find Cheap and Affordable Apartments for Rent in Hiratsuka with Village House

Village House accommodations nationwide are specially designed to be comfortable, convenient, and cheap for families and households of all sizes. Before selecting your rental apartment, you should consider the needs of your household: Should it be near any schools? What are the closest public transport or commuting options? How many bedrooms or floor space will you require?

For couples or those living alone, our Village House Shimojima Dai 2 apartments come in a cozy 2DK layout with unit sizes from 38.46m2. Each unit is fully renovated with air conditioning available to keep you cool in the hot and balmy summer season. Several useful amenities are located nearby including Shizuoka Central Bank Hiratsuka Branch, Jojima Community Center, and several convenience stores.

Growing families or roommates who would like a bit more space to themselves might prefer a spot in Village House Ooshima, which has 3DK units of 67.02m2 and 2K units of 33.51m2. Schools such as Misato Kindergarten, Kijima Elementary School, and Oosumi Junior High School are all within a 30-minute walking distance to make the daily commute easy for kids of any age, and the apartment is also nearby several train stations on the JR Sagami and Odakyū transport lines.

FAQs About Living in Hiratsuka

1. How do I apply for a rental apartment in Hiratsuka with Village House?

The first thing you should do is to check our Hiratsuka rental apartment listings for a vacancy in your preferred apartment complex and floor layout. During the screening process, you will need to prepare several essential documents including:

  • Application Forms
  • Residence card for foreigners
  • Copy of updated Income Certificate (e.g. most recent payslip or salary statement)
  • Copy of Bank Book (i.e. bank book your salary will be deposited into, and your rent will be withdrawn from)
  • Insurance Documents

Our helpful housing managers will gladly assist you throughout the rental application process.

2. What is there to see and do in Hiratsuka?

Hiratsuka’s green spaces and parks make it a great destination for nature-loving residents and visitors alike. No matter where your apartment is located in the city, you won’t be too far away from a garden or park where you can recharge your energy after a long day.

The most famous park in the city is Komayama Park where you can catch a panoramic view of the city and its surroundings from the top of its hill. The summit is often listed as one of the most scenic spots in Kanagawa Prefecture, and visitors are especially drawn to the park in the springtime when beautiful cherry blossoms add to the already stunning view

3. Is it expensive to live in Hiratsuka?

As Hiratsuka is located fairly close to major cities such as Tokyo, the average cost of living here is slightly higher compared to more rural cities or smaller towns at approximately ¥160,000, including apartment rental. However, the cost of daily groceries, transport, and accommodation are still cheaper compared to Tokyo or Osaka, making it a more affordable alternative for city living while providing convenient public transport with access to lots of attractions in the region!

*Dependent on the credit check results and contract details, a deposit may be required.

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