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Tochigi Apartments For Rent

Tochigi City and the other major cities in Tochigi prefecture, such as Utsunomiya, Nasu or Mashiko, are very close to Tokyo and are easily accessible by train or bus. Tochigi City prospered from its location on the Uzumagawa River, connecting it to the capital city of Japan. In the past, envoys from Tokyo would travel through Tochigi City to visit the shrines and temples of Nikkō. As such, the city soon became a popular town amongst merchants and traders.

Today, when you visit Tochigi City, you’ll be treated to a perfect blend of olden-day Japan with a modern twist, and beautifully breathtaking nature sprinkled in. Coffee-lovers rejoice as the city is well-known for its wide variety of artisan coffee shops, with each one possessing its own blend of uniqueness and character. Besides their aromatic coffee, Tochigi City is also known for its handmade soba, waterfall meditation practice, earthen-walled housing the Tochigi Kuranomachi Museum of Art, and pleasure boat rides on the Uzuma River. Tochigi City is a delightful place for visitors and residents to take in the picturesque beauty of both olden and modern-day Japan.

With beautiful sights and great eats, Tochigi City is one of the best places to settle down and start your new home. To make your move into a new city even better, Village House has a suite of rental apartments of various sizes to suit your living needs. From 2K to 3DK rooms, our long-term Tochigi apartments for rent are located near train stations, convenience stores, hospitals, and even schools - making it easily accessible and convenient for you.

The best part is, you do not have to make any deposit, key money, renewal or handling fees* before moving in, making our apartments in Tochigi City one of the most foreigner-friendly accommodations in Japan. Let us help you make Tochigi City your new home, browse our rental apartments today!

Foreigner-friendly Apartments in Tochigi City

Moving into a new city or prefecture requires a lot of planning. Whether it is parents who want to live closer to their children’s schools or professionals who are looking to live near their places of employment, ease of accessibility, as well as affordability, play an important role in choosing a long-term apartment to rent in Tochigi City. Aside from these, it is just as important to think about the number of rooms and amenities you require. But, whatever your preferences are, Village House has a rental apartment for you in Tochigi City.

Located within a five-minute walk to the Shin Tochigi Station, with two separate lines - Tōbu Utsunomiya Line and Tōbu Nikkō Line - is Village House Numawada (2K). Ideal for parents with children, Numawada is just 15 minutes away from the nearest kindergarten, elementary school, and junior high. Furthermore, this suite of apartments for rent is also located within 1.5km of Tochigi public amenities like the hospital, post office, and bank - making it easy for you to run errands.

If you need bigger living space, then you can consider Village House Tochigi Hinode Tower (3DK). With unit sizes ranging from 62.95 square meters, our rental apartments are a 9-minute walk to Shin-Tochigi Station, allowing you to travel around the city with ease. The apartment is also located two kilometers away from schools, so parents can be closer to their children if they need to.

You can also consider Village House Oohira (2DK) that is within walking distance or a convenient bus ride from schools. It is also surrounded by public amenities like the bank, post office, Tochigi Medical Center Shimotsuga, as well as a family clinic. However, what sets Oohira apart from the other Village House long-term apartments for rent is the convenience of the JR Ryōmō Line.

Let us take all the hassle of renting a long-term apartment off your hands, so you can focus on settling down comfortably and exploring the city. When you choose to rent our long-term apartments in Tochigi, you will be assured of a living space with all the amenities you need. Want to add on an extra gas stove or water heater? We can provide them to you at an affordable fee, which will be added to your monthly rent.

Browse our wallet-friendly apartments for rent in Tochigi City today!

FAQs About Living in Tochigi

1. What documents do I need to submit to rent a Village House apartment in Tochigi?

With Village House, apartment rentals in Tochigi are rather easy. These are some of the mandatory documents that you have to submit for the application process:

  • Application Forms
  • Residence card for foreigners
  • Copy of Income Certificate (Please provide your recent payslip, salary statement, pension receipt, etc.)
  • Copy of the Bank Book (Please provide the bank book of the account you receive your salary and the account with which you will pay rent.)
  • Insurance Documents

Some of these applications may require additional verification, hence we might need to request you to provide us with more documents. Visit our FAQ page to find out more about the application process.

2. What are some things to do in Tochigi?

There are many things that you can do in Tochigi City. Some of these include renting a kimono and visiting the Yokoyama Folk Museum. When the hydrangeas are in bloom, you can attend the Mount Ohira Hydrangea Festival and feast your eyes on the amazing display of these flowers.

3. What is the accepted payment method to rent an apartment in Tochigi?

At Village House, we accept direct debit on the designated date of the month that has been agreed upon by both parties. Note that rent will be deducted in the previous month so for instance, you will be paying for the rent for May in April. Before you move in, you will also be required to complete the bank account registration form. If you have opened your bank account using your signature, then inkan will not be required.

Before moving into your preferred rental apartment in Tochigi, you will need to pay the:

  • Prorated and full fee for the first and second rental month respectively. This also includes the common service fee for each month.
  • Insurance fee for two years, from ¥10,000

Apart from paying rent, there are other monthly bills and living expenses that you need to pay. Read more about the bills you need to pay when it comes to renting an apartment in Japan.

*Dependent on the credit check results and contract details, a deposit may be required.

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