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  1. Exterior of Village House Kaminokawa in Kawachi-gun

    Village House Kaminokawa

    Kaminokawa 1618-4, Kawachi-gun Kaminokawamachi, Tochigi-ken

    Ishibashi Station - JR Utsunomiya Line - 57 minutes walk, 4.6 km

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    • Exterior of Village House Kaminokawaminami in Kawachi-gun

      Village House Kaminokawaminami

      Mimura 332-1, Kawachi-gun Kaminokawamachi, Tochigi-ken

      Ishibashi Station - JR Utsunomiya Line - 51 minutes walk, 4.1 km

      No Vacancy See this property

      Kawachi-gun Kaminokawa-machi Apartments for Rent

      Living in a rental apartment in Kawachi-gun Kaminokawa-machi entails an experience like no other. With its lush nature and rich traditions, there's something for everyone to enjoy no matter what their interests may be. Outdoor enthusiasts can explore the city’s many local parks and take in the incredible views Kaminokawa has to offer. History buffs can experience ancient historical architecture and cultural sites such as Sainen-ji Temple, Tako Castle Remains and the Shinohara House. As for those looking for a more modern experience, the city’s many shops and restaurants offer a variety of options for dining, shopping, and entertainment.

      Renting an apartment in Kawachi-gun Kaminokawa-machi also means you can easily access the city’s superb local cuisine at nearby sushi bars and breweries, or pick up intriguing trinkets and more from its local markets. All things considered, Kaminokawa-machi is the perfect place for many to call home. With its welcoming atmosphere, modern amenities, and beautiful surroundings, living in a rental apartment here can be an incredibly rewarding experience, whether you're looking for some peace and quiet or a vibrant city life.

      The best part? Moving to Kawachi-gun Kaminokawa-machi can be incredibly easy and affordable, especially so with the abundance of affordable accommodation options offered by Village House. Requiring no deposit*, renewal, handling, or key money fee, getting a Kawachi District apartment for rent is made fast and fuss-free.

      Cheap Rental Property in Kawachi-gun Kaminokawa-machi

      Currently, Village House has one property in Kawachi-gun Kaminokawa-machi with vacant 3DK apartments for rent:

      At Village House Kaminokawaminami, our 3DK rental apartments have been renovated to provide enhanced comfort and improved living experiences, with air-conditioning available as an add-on facility. The two parking amenities mean that those who choose to drive in Kawachi-gun don’t have to make separate parking arrangements, while the strategic location of these apartments for rent also ensure that public transport is easily accessible. Both Ishibashi Station of the JR Utsunomiya Line and Doujourin Bus Stop are situated nearby, alongside other essential city touch points such as Kamimikawa Town Hall, Ishibashi General Hospital, Ashikaga Bank Kamimikawa Branch, Tochigi Bank Kamimikawa Branch, Shirasagi Kindergarten, Sakagami Elementary School, and Kamimikawa Junior High School.

      Browse our apartments for rent in Kawachi-gun Kaminokawa-machi today, or check out our other rental apartment options in Japan’s Tochigi prefecture.

      FAQs About Living in Kawachi-gun Kaminokawa-machi

      1. Q

        1. What are the top highlights of living in a rental apartment in the Kawachi District?


        Living in a rental apartment in the Kawachi District truly gives you the best of all worlds: an incredible living experience in an area filled with culture, beauty, and modern amenities. From its remarkable nature and cultural attractions to its vibrant urban lifestyle, there is definitely reason for anyone to call this place home. Whether it's taking part in local festivals or traditional ceremonies, exploring nearby markets or learning about the history of Kaminokawa-machi, there is always something new and exciting for you to take part in.

        Add a Kawachi-gun Kaminokawa-machi rental apartment to your shortlist today.

      2. Q

        2. Is it expensive to live in a Kawachi-gun apartment for rent?


        Living in a rental apartment in Kawachi-gun is relatively affordable. Those looking to live in a Kawachi District rental apartment can expect monthly expenses for one person to be about ¥148,000, and the living expenses of a family of four to be ¥372,000.

        You can also check out our ongoing promotions to see how you can save more on costs when moving into a Kawachi-gun Kaminokawa-machi rental apartment.

      3. Q

        3. What are the add-on options available for rental apartments in Kawachi-gun Kaminokawa-machi?


        Add-on options available for Village House rental apartments include: air conditioning at an additional ¥1,000 per month per unit; as well as water heater, gas stove, vanity sink, and washlet toilet at an additional ¥1,000 per month each. However, do note that not all options are viable for each and every apartment for rent, so be sure to check which are applicable for your Kawachi-gun apartment of choice before making a final decision. Installations for these optional add-ons may take up to four weeks after moving in.

      4. *Dependent on the credit check results and contract details, a deposit may be required.

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