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Kato-shi Apartments for Rent

Situated south of Yamaguchi in the central Hyogo Prefecture within the Harima region, Kato-shi is a commercial center boasting a local economy underpinned by agriculture and light manufacturing. The famous Kakogawa River flows through the city, and the city’s border with the Kiyomizu-Tōjōko-Tachikui Prefectural Natural Park means those living in Kato-shi can enjoy scenic backdrop views across the horizon.

Kato-shi’s warm summers and cool winters with minimal to no snowfall make the city ideal for anyone who prefers a subtropical climate, where there is warmth even in the coldest months. Plus, with the JR West - Kakogawa Line, those living in Kato City can easily make their way to neighboring cities like Ichiba and Kakogawa for work or recreational activities.

With such convenience, choosing Kato-shi as your new home can be a great choice, and with Village House apartments for rent, 2DK, 3DK, 2LDK you can find a unit suitable for you. Plus, we shake off the need for any deposit*, key money, renewal fees, and handling fee, so we’re not only budget-friendly but also completely transparent.

Affordable 2DK, 2LDK, 3DK Kato-shi Apartments For Rent

Planning your move to a new city requires some level of contemplation – you want to make sure you secure an apartment that brings you closer to all the public amenities you need for convenience. For instance, parents with young children will feel assured that their little ones are only a stone’s throw away from home. Village House Mikusa, available in 3DK and just 10 minutes away from Sansou Nursery and Elementary School, is one of the many ideal options we have here at Kato-shi. In addition, Fukuda Kindergarten is a 15-minute walk from our 2DK unit at Village House Yashiro, and our 2LDK and 3DK units at Village House Yashiro Dai, with an elementary school within the vicinity too. The proximity of these schools also lets ALTs or English teachers make their way down quickly, so commuting time to work is significantly reduced. Those who need to take the bus to travel out of Kato-shi to nearby cities can select our 2DK unit at Village House Takino apartments for rent – the Shinki Bus on the Yashiro-Nishiwaki Line and Takino-Yashiro Inter Stop can be reached in 15 minutes by foot.

We also ensure your stay experience is comfortable with a variety of amenities. Plus, you can also pay an affordable fee for extras like air conditioning, gas stoves and water heaters should you need them.

FAQs About Living in Kato-shi

1. What is Kato-shi known for?

A mixed local economy driven by agriculture as well as manufacturing to a certain extent, Kato-shi is neither bustling nor too quiet, with plenty of job opportunities and recreational activities to explore. Once you’ve settled into your apartment, go sightseeing at Harima Central Park, Hiraike Park and Tojo Lake. The culture buff will enjoy a visit to the Chokoji Temple and Saho Shrine, while the young at heart will love a trip to the Tojoko Toy Kingdom.

2. What is the process for booking an apartment for rent in Kato-shi?

Whether you’re booking a 2DK, 3DK or 2LDK apartment in Kato-shi, you’ll enjoy a convenient rental process as long as you provide us with the following:

  • Application forms
  • Residence card for foreigners
  • Copy of Income Certificate (This can be your recent payslip, salary statement, pension receipt, etc..)
  • Copy of Bank Book (We would require the book of the account your monthly salary is disbursed and through which you will pay rent.)
  • Insurance Documents

More documents may be requested to complete your application. You can learn more about these on our FAQ page.

3. Can I move in immediately after I sign the contract for my rental apartment?

We understand that you may need to move into your apartment as soon as you can, but we typically take 10 to 15 days for all rental applications. To speed up the process of selection and paperwork, you may shortlist a few Kato-shi units and immediately book after your visit should you make your choice on the spot. You will need to provide us with the following so that we can begin processing your application:

  • First month fee (prorated) and second month fee (full), with the common service fee included in each
  • Compulsory insurance fee from ¥10,000 that should cover you for two years

We pride ourselves in providing affordable apartments for rent in Kato-shi, so you don’t have to burn a hole in your wallet when you move in. However, it's a good habit to keep track of your living expenses, from electricity to water, so you’re always in control of your expenditures.

*Dependent on the credit check results and contract details, a deposit may be required.

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