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Yao-shi Apartments for Rent

Located in the Osaka Prefecture of Japan, Yao-shi is situated on mountain slopes and a plain in the Kongo-Ikoma Quasi-national Park. Boasting an estimated population of over 260 thousand people, you can expect much from this beautiful city that is rich in cultural history and greenery. Besides that, Yao city is also an industrial and residential suburb of the Osaka-Kobe Metropolitan Area with large-scale machinery, chemical and textile plants situated along its river banks. This aspect of Yao-shi makes the city a popular choice for skilled workers who may be looking for new career opportunities.

No matter if you are working and living alone in Yao City or planning to move over with your family, there will be many new experiences and sights to see. However, to do so freely, it is essential for you to rent an affordable and well-located apartment that will help you save on unnecessary resources. This is where Village House will be able to help with our wide selection of rental property and apartments that are capable of meeting various requirements and needs.

Cheap 1DK or 2K Apartments for Rent in Yao-shi

When you search for the perfect home in Yao-shi or anywhere else in Japan, you may see certain terms like “1DK apartments for rent”, “2LDK rental property” or “3BR accommodations”. These are Japanese housing terms that indicate the layout of each apartment, how many rooms it has and what kind of shared spaces are available.

You should familiarize yourself with these abbreviations if you plan to reside in Japan for an extended period. Check out the definitions below, so you know exactly what each one of them means:

1R: 1 room not separated from the kitchen.

1K: a kitchen and a separate room

1DK: a dining room/kitchen and a separate room

1LDK: a living room/dining room/kitchen and a separate room

2K: a kitchen and 2 separate rooms

2DK: a dining room/kitchen and 2 separate rooms

2LDK: a living room/dining room/kitchen and 2 separate rooms (

3DK: a dining room/kitchen and 3 separate rooms

3LDK: a living room/dining room/kitchen and 3 separate rooms

For those seeking to rent a 2K apartment in Yao-city, have a look at Village House Oihara, a rental property that is located in a prime spot within 10 minutes walking distance from schools like Shiki Kindergarten, Shiki Elementary School and Shiki Junior High School. Not only are the rooms foreigner and elderly friendly, but room sharing is also perfectly fine as well, making this a perfect choice for teachers or a family with elderly and children.

FAQs About Living in Yao-shi

1. What is Yao city famous for?

Known for being the birthplace of folk song and dance in the “Kawachi Ondo” style, there is a beautiful legend that surrounds its origin at Yao-shi’s Jokoji Temple, which is celebrated from generation to generation. Visitors and tourists travel over for the city’s spectacular Yao Kawachi Ondo Festival during summer in September to enjoy the street food, bustling festivities and immerse themselves in the boisterous fanfare.

2. Is it costly to stay in Yao-shi?

Compared to other cities in Japan, the cost of living in Yao city is considerably lower, with a large portion of potential expenditure being taken up by transportation and rental. Therefore it is crucial for you to choose the right apartment when settling in Yao city. Finding one like Village House’s affordable and accessible rental property will help you save on future expenses without compromising your comfort and standard of living.

3. Are there additional facilities to add-on?

Below are some options to add on for a small increase in your monthly rent payment. However, depending on the apartment of choice, some of these options may not be applicable due to the limitations of the rental property.

  • Air Conditioner: 1,000 yen / 1 unit
  • Water Heater(Kitchen):1,000 yen
  • Gas Stove:1,000 yen
  • Vanity Sink:1,000 yen
  • Washlet Toilet:1,000 yen

Please also take note that the installations for these additional facilities may take up to four weeks to complete. For people who are living alone, do ensure proper communication of timing and availability for a smooth installation process.

Please visit our website for more information on rental properties available in Yao-shi or contact us for other general information on renting with Village House.

*Dependent on the credit check results and contract details, a deposit may be required.

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