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Asakura Apartments For Rent

Located in south-central Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan, the city is full of countryside charm, scenic nature, and historical sites along the Chikugo River. In March 2006, Asakura, Amagi City, and Haki town merged together to form the modern Asakura that we know now.

The city is most well-known for the Akizuki Castle, which reflects how a samurai would live in peaceful times. Having been demolished and rebuilt multiple times, today, the castle’s only remaining structures are Kuromon, the Otemon (front gate), and Nagayamon (rear gate). These ruins lie within the stunning setting of forests and cherry blossoms in the spring, making it the perfect place for a romantic and relaxing stroll after a long week at work.

With amazing sights and scenery all year round, Asakura really comes to life in Spring and Autumn when the foliage changes. There’s no better place than Asakura-shi to start your new home and soak in the vibrant hues of nature. If you are looking for affordable rental apartments in this quaint city, then Village House has just what you need! Whether you are looking for 1LDK or 3DK units, Village House has apartments for rent in Asakura, without you breaking the bank.

Skip the deposit*, key money, renewal fees, and handling fees because we’ve made it easy for you to rent apartments in Asakura.

Affordable Rental Apartments In Asakura

Moving into a new city like Asakura for work can seem like a daunting task, but good planning and budgeting can help you ease into it. Securing a comfortable apartment is usually the first step to moving into a new city. Factors such as the number of rooms you need and the location of your rental apartment are important considerations to choosing a place to stay in Asakura-shi. Staying closer to your workplace or transportation makes your daily commute easier, it also helps you save more time and money.

We understand the complexity of moving to a new city, especially if you were originally from the metropolitan area. Unlike Tokyo, the rental apartments in Asakura are slightly more spacious. For instance, Village House Amagi Hitotsugi offers 3DK (53.08m2) and 2LDK (52.55m2) floor plans. Conveniently situated near three train stations on the Nishitetsu Amagi Line, all of them can be reached via a bus or bike ride. On days when the weather is great, you can even take a 25-minute relaxing walk home! There is also an izakaya within walking distance - the perfect place to unwind after a long day. What’s more, there is also a pharmacy, a FamilyMart, and Asakura Medical Association Hospital near the rental apartment.

If you miss the hustle and bustle of city life, then you can also consider Village House Amagi, available in 1LDK and 2DK. These rental apartments are located near three train stations on two separate lines - the Amagi Railway and Nishitetsu Amagi Line, all of which can be reached via bus from the nearby bus stop. These Asakura apartments for rent are located near a strip of convenience stores, dining outlets, and even clothing stores!

We understand the difficulties you may have when it comes to moving to a new city, and so we endeavor to make your stay in Asakura more comfortable with amenities like air conditioning. Furthermore, some of our rental apartments are also pet-friendly, so your furry friends are welcome to stay with you.

Browse our apartments for rent in Asakura!

FAQs About Living in Asakura

1. What is Asakura known for?

A time capsule of the Edo Period, Asakura is popular for its historical landmarks such as the Akizuki Castle, the oldest working water wheel in Japan, as well as residences where the warriors and townspeople lived. Aside from these, Asakura is also popular for its scenic landscapes and beautiful cherry blossom trees that bloom every Spring.

2. How do I rent a Village House apartment in Asakura-shi?

Renting a Village House apartment in Asakura is easy and hassle-free. Upon deciding on the unit of your choice, all you have to do is to furnish us with the following documents for the application process:

  • Application forms
  • Residence card for foreigners
  • Copy of Income Certificate (Please provide your most recent payslip, salary statement, pension receipt, etc.)
  • Copy of your Bank Book (Please provide the bank book of the account your salary is credited into and the account with which you will pay rent)
  • Relevant insurance documents

Some of the documents may require additional verification, as such, we may reach out to you for more documents when necessary.

3. What is the minimum period that I can rent the apartment in Asakura-shi for?

Typically, all of our lease contracts are for a minimum of two years, making our rental apartments suitable for people who are moving into a new city for work. As such, we do not offer short-term contracts. In the event that the contract is canceled within 24 months, you will be required to pay a cancellation fee. In cases of parking space termination, a penalty fee will also be incurred. For more details on the cancellation fee, you can visit our general FAQ page.

*Dependent on the credit check results and contract details, a deposit may be required.

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