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  1. Exterior of Village House Kanda in Miyako-gun

    Village House Kanda

    Shimoaratsu 529-2, Miyako-gun Kandamachi, Fukuoka-ken

    Obase-Nishikodai-mae Station - JR Nippo Main Line (Mojiko - Saiki) - 12 minutes walk, 1.0 km

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    • Exterior of Village House Katashima in Miyako-gun

      Village House Katashima

      Kamikatashima 2204-4, Miyako-gun Kandamachi, Fukuoka-ken

      Yukuhashi Station - Heisei Chikuho Railway Tagawa Line;JR Nippo Main Line (Mojiko - Saiki) - 24 minutes walk, 1.9 km

      No Vacancy See this property

      Miyako-Gun Kanda-Machi Apartments for Rent

      Miyako, also known as Miyako-gun, is a district situated in the Fukuoka Prefecture of Japan. This district initially consisted of the towns of Katsuyama, Saigawa, and Toyotsu, which all merged to form the new town of Miyako in 2006.

      Miyako-gun offers a range of amenities and services for its residents, including excellent schools, hospitals, and supermarkets. This peaceful district offers a tranquil lifestyle for all, making it a great place to live alone or raise a family.

      Browse Village House’s affordable apartments for rent in Miyako-gun Kanda-machi. No deposit*, renewal, handling, or key money fee is needed, making your move to this district fuss-free and convenient.

      Cheap 2DK Apartments For Rent in Miyako District

      Looking for cheap rental properties in Kanda-machi?

      Renting 2DK properties at Village House Kanda provide quick access to Miyako-gun’s essential touchpoints, including Obase-Nishikōdai-mae and Kanda Station along the JR Nippō Main Line (Mojiko - Saiki) as well as Yukuhashi Station along the Heisei Chikuhō Railway Tagawa Line and JR Nippō Main Line (Mojiko - Saiki). As you’re close to these stations, it’s a breeze to commute across the Miyako district and the greater prefecture of Fukuoka, which is the most populous one in Kyushu.

      The properties are also close to Kanda Yobara Nursery, Shimoaratsu Elementary School, and Shimoaratsu Junior High School, which are all under a 10-minute walk, making it very convenient for families with school-going children.

      Meanwhile, the properties at Village House Katashima are very suitable for those who prefer some quiet living. This rental apartment complex is further away but still within walking distance from the same train stations, including Obase-Nishikōdai-mae and Minami-Yukuhashi Station along the JR Nippō Main Line (Mojiko - Saiki) as well as Yukuhashi Station that is along both the JR Nippō Main Line (Mojiko - Saiki) and Heisei Chikuhō Railway Tagawa Line.

      School staff who teach at the nearby Yobara Nursery (20-minute walk), Katashima Elementary School (5-minute walk), and Shimoaratsu Junior High School (30-minute walk) can also consider renting an apartment here too.

      Browse our Miyako-gun Kanda-machi properties today or check out our other rental apartment options in Fukuoka.

      FAQs About Living in Miyako-Gun Kanda-Machi

      1. Q

        1. What are the top highlights of living in a Miyako-gun Kanda-machi rental apartment?


        There are many activities and attractions for visitors and residents alike to enjoy in the Miyako district. For the adventurous, try exploring the Seryu Caves and Fudo Falls. The yawning wide caverns inside the caves create a breathtaking backdrop while the picturesque waterfall is simply mesmerizing.

        For those who prefer more laidback activities, head to the Uhara Shrine or Zeenryu-ji Temple that offer a tranquil reprieve from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

      2. Q

        2. Is it expensive to rent an apartment in the Miyako district?


        No, it’s not expensive to live in the tranquil Miyako district, especially if you rent a property from Village House. Our reasonably priced 2DK apartments for rent make them deal for singles or families on a budget. Take a look at our current deals to discover additional ways to reduce moving expenses.

      3. Q

        3. What’s the Miyako-gun Kanda-machi rental procedure like for Village House?


        If you're interested in renting an apartment from Village House in Miyako-gun Kanda-machi, the process is simple. Simply submit the following documents:

        • Completed application forms that are completed according to the written instructions within the forms.
        • A clear copy of your Income Certificate as proof of income, which can include a Salary Statement, Pay Slip, Pension Receipt, or any other official proof of income. If you've recently started a new job or are in the process of accepting a job offer, an employment contract or job placement notice with an estimated salary will suffice.
        • A clear copy of official passbooks for your bank accounts registered for salary and direct debit payments, showing the latest transaction and account holder name.
        • For non-Japanese occupants: A clear copy of your Japanese Residence Cards (Zairyu Card).

        Have more questions? Take a look at our FAQ page to find out more information.

      4. *Dependent on the credit check results and contract details, a deposit may be required.

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