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Nogata Apartments for Rent

Nestled in the heart of Fukuoka Prefecture’s Chikuhō region, Nogata-shi had a long and illustrious history as one of Japan’s preeminent coal mining towns. After oil overtook coal as a primary source of energy in the 20th century Nogata – like many other coal mining towns in the Chikuhō region – saw its bustling city center dwindle as many moved to larger industrial cities like Fukuoka or Tokyo.

Today, Nogata is a quiet city with an average cost of living of ¥142,640 although hints of its busy past still linger in the historic Taisho-era buildings dotted across its streets. If you’re looking for a relaxed city with a slow pace of daily living, Nogata might be the right place for you. Village House provides a range of apartment properties for rent to make moving to Nogata a breeze!

Cheap and Convenient Accommodations for Rent in Nogata

Village House offers a variety of apartments in different sizes for rent in Nogata. Young couples or those living alone will appreciate the affordable and space-efficient 1LDK and 2LDK apartments in Village House Nougata. Our 2LDK apartments offer more space than typical 2DK apartments with a larger living room and separated kitchen space. With amenities like the Nogata Municipal Office, Fukuoka City Bank Nogata Branch, and Fukuoka Bank Nogata Branch nearby, these centrally-located apartments make daily living a breeze. Village House Nougata is also within walking distance to railway stops along the JR Chikuhō Line and Chikuhō Denki Railway Line – making it easier to go for short trips around Fukuoka and the surrounding areas.

Parents, families, or those with multiple roommates can opt for Village House Nougata Higashi instead which has 2LDK and 3DK apartments for rent. At 53.08m2 in size, these fully-renovated apartments are great for those who are craving a bit more space and privacy between household members. Village House Nougata Higashi is also located nearby Nogata Higashi Elementary School and Nogata Daini Junior High School (both within 15 minutes walking distance) as well Nogata Central Hospital (30 minutes walk) making it ideal for families with young children and ALTs/English teachers. Although not all units at Village House Nougata Higashi come with air conditioning, you can rent out an air conditioning unit and other add-ons through Village House’s Furniture campaign. These additional costs will be added directly to your rental costs for easy payment.

FAQs About Living in Nogata

1. What are the highlights or attractions in Nogata?

One of the main highlights in Nogata is the Nogata Coal Memorial Museum which documents its coal mining history and has a variety of vehicles, machinery, and memorabilia on display related to coal mining. Visitors and residents alike also look forward to the annual tulip festival and fireworks show which takes place next to Nogata’s Ongagawa Riverside Park in early summer.

2. Is there a minimum rental period for apartments in Nogata?

All Village House apartment lease contracts are 2 years in length, including our properties in Nogata. Those looking to rent an apartment from Village House can look forward to several benefits during the signup process including:

  • Moving Support (worth 1 month’s rent (up to ¥30,000)) applied to total initial move-in costs and with the option to include additional furnishings ordered through our furniture rental initiative
  • One month free rent upon confirmation of rental agreement
  • Moving company discount coupons

These benefits only apply to selected Village House properties. Enquire with your apartment manager during the rental process to find out more.

3. How do I apply for an apartment rental in Nogata with Village House?

Applying for an apartment rental in Nogata with Village House is easy and straightforward. After viewing, selecting, and confirming your intended unit, you will have to submit the following documents:

  • Application Forms
  • ID Card with photo or Residence Card (for foreigners)
  • Copy of your Income Certificate (e.g. Recent payslip, salary statement, pension receipt)
  • Copy of your Bank Book (i.e. The account where you receive your salary as well as the account where you will pay your rent out of)
  • Insurance Documents

Some of these documents may require additional verification and our helpful call center and English-speaking inquiries team will run through the required processes with you if necessary. Visit our FAQ page to find out more about the property rental process.

*Dependent on the credit check results and contract details, a deposit may be required.

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