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Oita-shi Apartments For Rent

Located in northeastern Kyushu, Oita Prefecture is largely an agricultural region that is also known for its famous hot springs in Beppu. In addition, as a former gateway to the West, the seaside town of Oita boasts many religious and European artifacts, along with museums and galleries – the perfect city to explore a different side of Japan. Oita-shi can be easily accessed from Tokyo’s Haneda Airport in less than two hours, Osaka’s Itami Airport in one hour, and served by the Kyudai, Hohi, and Nippo lines to Kyushu and wider Japan.

Oita-shi is also home to notable shrines, waterfalls and rich history, making this city easy to call home. Coupled with multiple job opportunities in its mixed agricultural, industrial, and arts economy, you can be sure that moving to Oita-shi will be a fulfilling experience. And, as with every move, comes planning – starting with your search for a suitable apartment for rent. At Village House, you can find cheap apartments for rent in Oita-shi that do not compromise on quality and safety. Plus, you don’t have to worry about deposits*, key money, renewal, and handling fees, so you can focus more on the other important aspects of your move.

Browse properties for rent in Oita-shi, including 2K, 2LDK, and 3DK options, or you can simply view more rental apartments in the wider Kyushu region.

2K, 2LDK, and 3K Apartments for Rent in Oita-shi

Whether you are moving to Oita-shi alone or with your family, you’d want to look for a rental apartment with just enough rooms to cater to your loved ones. In addition, you’d also want to consider a rental property near your workplace, children’s schools, and other public amenities to make traveling and running errands a breeze.

For instance, when you choose the 2K, 2LDK, or 3K apartments available at Village House Misono in Oita-shi, you’d only need to walk six minutes to reach the public office and bank. This makes the rental property a perfect option for bank employees or when you need to run a financial errand. ALT, English teachers, or parents with school children can also enjoy a significantly shorter commuting time as the Sakura Nursery is only a minute’s walk, while ita-shi Hetsugi Elementary and Junior High School are just five minutes away by foot. And, for ease of accessibility, you can take a quick eight-minute walk to the nearest bus stop to catch the ita Bus Naka Hetsugi on days you need to travel out further. The nearest train station along the JR Chikuhi Main Line is also 32 minutes away.

And, the convenience does not just stop here. We have carefully renovated our apartments for rent in Oita-shi to ensure you have a comfortable stay, while still keeping our prices cheap. Furthermore, Village House provides a suite of amenities such as air conditioning, gas stoves, and water heaters at an additional but affordable rate.

FAQs About Living in Oita-shi

1. What is Oita-shi known for?

For those who love a taste of nostalgia and history, Oita Castle Ruins Park is a must-visit in Oita-shi. While the castle's main tower has not survived to the present day, you can still marvel at the impressive stone walls, which have served as the castle’s main line of defense, as well as the moat around the outer bailey. Oita Castle Ruins Park is also a popular cherry blossom viewing spot in spring. On the other hand, nature enthusiasts can revel in the majestic views at Harajiri Falls, Yufu River Gorge, and Kuju Flower Park.

2. What other add-ons does Village House provide for rental properties in Oita-shi?

Village House provides the following add-on amenities for rental properties in Oita-shi at a small fee of ¥1,000 each:

  • Air conditioner
  • Water heater in kitchen
  • Gas stove
  • Vanity sink
  • Washlet Toilet

However, depending on the apartments of your choice, certain add-ons may not be available for installation.

3. When will I receive the keys to my apartment for rent in Oita-shi?

Only after your lease contract has been finalized, your bank account has been registered, and payment of the initial fees and fire insurance has been settled can you collect the keys to your rental apartment in Oita-shi from the apartment manager.

Visit our FAQ page to learn more.

*Dependent on the credit check results and contract details, a deposit may be required.

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