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  1. Exterior of Village House Takuma in Mitoyo-shi

    Village House Takuma

    Takumacho Takuma 610-5, Mitoyo-shi, Kagawa-ken

    Takuma Station - JR Yosan Line - 13 minutes walk, 1.1 km

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    • Exterior of Village House Nio in Mitoyo-shi

      Village House Nio

      Niocho Nio Shin 40-3, Mitoyo-shi, Kagawa-ken

      Hijidai Station - JR Yosan Line - 62 minutes walk, 5.0 km

      No Vacancy See this property

      Mitoyo-shi Apartments for Rent

      Set on the stunning island of Shikoku, Mitoyo-shi offers travelers and new residents a thrilling blend of traditional Japanese culture and modern city living, all in one beautiful package. Visit fascinating cultural sites such as temples and historical monuments or admire sweeping sunset views from the cafes at breathtaking Chichibugahama Beach — it's all here!

      Experience an unforgettable journey into Japan's hidden gem while being supported by the warm hospitality of friendly locals. Whether you are here for a work trip or a prolonged stay, living in Mitoyo city will be a memorable experience you’re sure to enjoy.

      To fully immerse yourself in the local lifestyle of Mitoyo-shi, rent an apartment in quaint neighborhoods. With Village House’s selection of Mitoyo-shi properties for rent, you can find a place to call your own in the city that has everything you need and more!

      2DK, 2LDK & 3DK Rental Apartments in Mitoyo City

      Whether you are living alone or sharing the flat with your family and friends, Village House Takuma is a great option for rental apartments in Mitoyo-shi that provide easy access to daily necessities. With 2DK apartments available for rent, residents at Village House Takuma will be able to reach amenities such as bank offices like the Hyakajuushi Bank Takuma Branch or healthcare services at the Eikou Hospital within a short 13-minute walk. The rental property is also extremely suitable for foodies as eateries selling local delicacies, grocery sellers with fresh produce and convenience stores are all situated close by.

      Alternatively, Village House Nio in Mitoyo city is another wonderful rental apartment for your consideration. Within the vicinity of the 2LDK and 3DK apartment for rent, there are schools like Nio Junior High School and essential services such as Hyakajuushi Bank Nio Branch situated within a 15-minute walk. Furthermore, the nearest bus station is also just a five-minute walk away, connecting you to Mitoyo-shi’s network of public transportation. As an additional plus point, the property for rent is located right in front of Mitoyo city’s famous landmark, Chichibugahama Beach. If being drenched in the first and last rays of the sun every day while admiring the sublime view of the beach sounds perfectly enticing, then this is the rental apartment for you.

      For other properties for rent in the Kagawa prefecture or other available rental apartments on Shikoku island, please visit Village House’s online site for more information.

      FAQs About Living in Mitoyo-shi Properties for Rent

      1. Q

        1. What is Mitoyo city known for?


        Mitoyo city is known for its vibrant cultural and historical heritage as well as its awe-inspiring landscape. Look forward to exploring picturesque shrines like the Enmei-in Temple and Manpukuji Temple filled with blooms of wintersweet and wisteria trials. Be enraptured by the allure of nature sites such as the Sakase-ike Lake and Mt. Shiude, or take a trip away from your rental apartment in Mitoyo city to visit the Ancient Laurel Tree and Missing Post Office at Awashima Island. Foodies will also be delighted to try famous udon restaurants hidden amongst the quiet neighborhoods of Mitoyo-shi, along with fresh seasonal fruits that are absolutely delicious.

      2. Q

        2. How do I sign up for utilities?


        As a tenant of Village House rental apartments in Mitoyo-shi, you should approach the respective companies directly and apply for utilities from them. The contact information will be listed in your lease contract with Village House.

        If you would like to know more about Japanese apartment life, visit Village house blogs for insightful articles that will help you gain more understanding.

      3. Q

        3. Are pets allowed in Mitoyo-shi Apartments for Rent?


        No pets are allowed in all Village House rental properties in Mitoyo city.

      4. *Dependent on the credit check results and contract details, a deposit may be required.

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