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Hirosaki-shi Apartments for Rent

With fascinating sights and scenery surrounding the city, Hirosaki-shi makes for the perfect place of respite and residence. Known for its production of apples and Japanese sake, the city of Hirosaki comprises not just rental apartments and other properties, but also preserved samurai homes, a string of stunning lakes, and one of the remaining twelve castle towers in Japan. It is also home to fascinating seasonal festivals, such as the Snow Lantern Festival, Cherry Blossom Festival, and the renowned Neputa Festival that is held every summer.

Located in the Aomori Prefecture of Japan, Hirosaki-shi is home to about 177,000 residents, with no shortage of other amenities on top of its cheap rental apartments. This includes shopping malls, parks, museums, restaurants, and even its very own zoo. Vast farmlands also allow for a wide variety of delectable local produce such as rice, wheat, barley, soybeans, corn, and sugar cane. Altogether, with its offerings of immersion in beautiful nature, delicious local food, friendly neighbors and amazing culture, it’s no wonder Hirosaki-shi properties for rent are as highly coveted as they are today.

However, despite the high demand for rental property in the city of Hirosaki, moving to Hirosaki-shi does not necessarily have to be difficult or costly. At Village House, we have an abundance of cheap 2LDK and 3DK apartments for rent that require no key money, renewal, or handling fee or deposit*. Enjoy a fast and fuss-free relocation to your desired Hirosaki-shi accommodations, with our wide assortment of rental apartment options suitable for both living alone or with the family.

Hirosaki-shi 2LDK and 3DK Apartments for Rent

When moving to Hirosaki-shi, landing a good yet cheap rental apartment in the city may be at the forefront of your concerns. After all — whether you’re searching for a 2LDK apartment for living alone or a 3DK apartment you can move your entire family into — finding the perfect accommodation that is well-suited for your needs can indeed be challenging. Don’t worry, we at Village House are here to help.

Take your pick from our many cheap and affordable Hirosaki-shi 2LDK and 3DK apartments for rent, each conveniently situated near essential city touchpoints for your ultimate convenience.

For 2LDK apartments for rent in Hirosaki-shi, there’s Village House Ishiwatari, which features its own parking facilities such that those who choose to drive in Japan need not worry about making separate parking arrangements. Our 2LDK rental apartments at Village House Ishiwatari have also been specially renovated to grant improved comfort, and are also pet-friendly. Furthermore, these cheap 2LDK apartments are favorably located near Hirosaki Umemura Hospital and Municipal Office, alongside major train stations and bus stops such as Hirosaki Station and Bus Stop, Chūō-Hirosaki Station, and Naijōshi Station.

As for 3DK apartments for rent in the city of Hirosaki, Village House Iwaki offers plenty of accommodation options that are not only affordable, but feature optical fiber internet, parking facilities, and already-installed air conditioning. They have also been renovated to offer respite. Situated nearby multiple schools, public service hubs and transportation options, Village House Iwaki offer itself as a well-suited accommodation option for families looking to rent apartments in Hirosaki-shi. 2LDK rental apartments are also available here.

Browse our apartments for rent in Hirosaki-shi today!

FAQs About Living in Hirosaki-shi

1. Is it expensive to live in a rental apartment in Hirosaki-shi?

It is relatively affordable to live in a Hirosaki-shi apartment for rent. On average, living expenses for one person in the city of Hirosaki-shi is about ¥155,000, while the average cost of living for a family of four is approximately ¥391,000.

2. What are some highlights of Hirosaki City?

A major highlight of living in an apartment for rent in Hirosaki City is the convenient access to all the perks that come with living in a modern city paired together with enjoyment of the intricate ways through which Hirosaki-shi blends the natural and the urban. Other Hirosaki highlights include: scenic surroundings, quaint castles, folk art, blended architecture, tsugaru jamisen music and various winter, spring and summer festivals.

3. How do I apply to rent an apartment in Hirosaki-shi with Village House?

With Village House, it is extremely easy to apply for an apartment for rent in Hirosaki-shi; simply prepare the following items:

  • For non-Japanese nationals, clear copies of Japanese Residence Cards (both the front and back)
  • A copy of the applicant’s Income Certificate (Salary Statement, Pay Slip, Pension Receipt and other official proofs of income are all acceptable). If you have recently changed jobs or have just accepted a new job offer, an employment contract or job placement notice detailing your estimated pay will suffice.
  • A copy of an employment contract or job placement notice that details estimated salary.
  • Copies of your bank passbooks with regards to the accounts you will register for direct debit and that which receives your salary payments (make sure they show both your latest transaction and your name)
  • Completed application forms – we will provide these to you; fill them up as the written instructions dictate.

*Dependent on the credit check results and contract details, a deposit may be required.

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