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Toyokawa-shi Apartments For Rent

Famous for its Toyokawa Inari temple, Toyokawa-shi is a city located in the east of Aichi, Japan, and is blessed with a good balance of commerce, agriculture, and forestry. The city is steeped in rich history, culture, and traditions that date back the Nara period. Furthermore, the temple of Toyokawa Inari is also a popular destination for pilgrimage from 1441. Nature lovers can also rejoice as the city boasts breathtaking sites such as the scenic Goyu Pine Tree Colonnade, Ushi Falls, and Higashi-Mikawa Furusato Park. So, if you are on a search for an urban adventure or a nature retreat to rejuvenate yourself, Toyokawa-shi offers something for everyone.

Additionally, there are many great job opportunities as well in Toyokawa-shi, given its prime location – making it a perfect place for you to kickstart or further your career in Japan. If you are looking for incredible work-life balance and an amazing place to live in, then Toyokawa-shi is definitely the place for you.

Looking for rental apartments in Toyokawa-shi? Fret not, as Village House has got your back with our selection of apartments for rent in Toyokawa-shi to help you get settled in. To make your stay a comfortable one, we’ve got a wide range of rental apartments from 1DK to 2LDK to choose from. You can easily find ideal accommodations that place you near public transport services, schools, and other public amenities. Plus, we also do not require any deposit*, key money, renewal fees, or handling fees, thus, making our properties for rent in Toyokawa-shi more affordable for you.

Cheap Apartments In Toyokawa

Moving into a new city requires a good level of planning. For instance, parents moving with their children may prefer living closer to schools. Similarly, healthcare professionals and public service officers may want to live in a rental apartment nearby hospitals and public offices. Aside from these considerations, you would also want to think about the number of rooms and facilities you need. But, no matter your preferences, we are sure you will be able to find a suitable apartment for rent here in Toyokawa-shi.

Located within a six-minute walk from Inariguchi Station - Meitetsu Toyokawa Line is Village House Chujyo. If you are a woman living alone in Toyokawa-shi, this rental apartment is a smart choice. Offering 2K or 1DK apartments for rent, these come with two bedrooms, kitchen facilities, and an overall floor area of 28,98m². These rental apartments are ideal not just for working personnel who have to commute across the city regularly but also for English teachers and ALTs, as the nearest elementary school is located just a mere three minutes away.

Another convenient option is Village House Odabuchi, with 3DK and 2LDK apartments for rent. Alongside nearby schools like Sakuramachi Nursery and Elementary School, this rental apartment is near one of the many clinics and pharmacies in Toyokawa-shi. Those who need to commute across or in and out of the city frequently can also easily make their way to the Meitetsu Nagoya Main Line, located a three-minute walk away from the apartment complex.

Families searching for rental apartments with more rooms in Toyokawa-shi can also consider Village House Toyokawa. With 3DK and 2LDK rental apartments available, parents can take heart in knowing that the nearest nursery and elementary school are located a five-minute walk away, while ToyokawaNanbu Junior High is 10 minutes away. The rental apartment is also situated near public amenities like the hospital and bank. Plus, the nearest station on the JR Lida Line and Meitetsu Toyokawa is only a 13-minute and 11-minute walk away, respectively – perfect for those who need to commute on these lines daily.

Looking for a suitable rental apartment in a location of choice is only part of the experience. With Village House, you can find a rental apartment of your choice with all the amenities you need for a comfortable stay in Toyokawa City. If you need add-ons like an extra air conditioner, gas stove, or water heater, we can provide them at an affordable fee.

FAQs About Living In Toyokawa City

1. How do I apply to rent an apartment in Toyokawa-shi with Village House?

Upon deciding on a Village House apartment in Toyokawa-shi, kindly ensure that you have the completed application forms and below documentation ready before applying with us:

  • A clear copy of your Japanese Residence Cards (Zairyu Card), front and back. This applies for all non-Japanese nationals that will be moving into the apartment
  • A copy of your most recent Income Certificate. You may provide a Salary Statement, Pay Slip, Pension Receipt or Welfare Receipt as part of your application. If you are changing jobs in Toyokawa-shi, do present the employment contract or a job placement notice that includes your estimated salary..
  • A copy of your bank passbooks of the account you will register for online banking with, plus the one where your salary comes from showing your latest transaction and the name on it.

2. What are the benefits of renting Village House apartments in Toyokawa-shi?

We endeavor to make your move to the city of Toyokawa a breeze. Hence, upon securing a rental apartment with Village House, we’ll offer the following benefits:

  • Moving Support (1 month’s worth of rent (up to ¥30,000)). This amount will be applied to your total initial move-in costs and can also include curtains or ceiling lights that you can order through the furniture campaign that we offer.
  • Moving company discount coupon

The above offers may not apply to some properties. We’ll provide further details during your apartment visit.

Visit our FAQ page to learn more about the benefits we offer.

3. What is the city of Toyokawa known for?

Toyakawa-shi is a city with a rich history and a wide variety of scenic spots. The must-go attraction in Toyokawa-shi is the Toyokawa Inari temple. Hike up Mt Miyaji in Autumn to be greeted by the vibrant colors of the “Koaburatsutsuji” shrubs. On days with good weather, you might even be able to catch a glimpse of Mt Fuji from the peak of Mt Miyaji.

*Dependent on the credit check results and contract details, a deposit may be required.

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