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Apartments for Rent in Nakatsugawa, Japan

The city of Nakatsugawa is located in the southeast of Gifu Prefecture. If you wish to view a glimpse of Japan’s bygone era, this city is perfect for you to explore. As a post town on the historic trade route of Nakasendo connecting Tokyo and Kyoto during the Edo period, Nakatsugawa used to offer rest to weary travelers, from merchants, to monks, to samurai. Visit the 17th-century town of Magome or the ruins of Naegi Castle. Nature lovers would especially love being able to hike along trails at the Tsukechi Gorge and Mt. Ena. Moving to the city of Nakatsugawa will allow you to fully experience all this historic city has to offer.

Worried about renting apartments and the cost of doing so? Village House is your answer. We offer not just apartments that are cheap but also convenient and comfortable – so your stay in Nakatsugawa can be as pleasant as possible. An apartment that is close to your workplace, public transport and other amenities can make all the difference. We offer all that and more. Speak to someone from our friendly team of housing managers to begin your search for the perfect apartment!

Find Cheap Apartments in Nakatsugawa With Village House

Before starting your search for an apartment in Nakatsugawa, consider what’s important to you. In this way, you go about your search in an organized and efficient manner. Some questions to start this process: How many bedrooms do you require? How far should your apartment be from your workplace? Do you wish your apartment to be within walking distance from certain amenities?

If you’re living on your own and looking for a cozy 2-bedroom, Village House Nakatsugawa Dai 2 offers great 2K apartment options. These apartments are spacious, with a 33.51m² floor area and come with two bedrooms and kitchen facilities. For those with families with young children, opt instead for Village House Naegi’s 3DK apartments. With three bedrooms, dining, and kitchen areas, these apartments are an excellent choice for those looking for more room.

Are you an ALT or an English teacher? If yes, you will be pleased to know just how close Village House Ochiaigawa is to schools in the area. Nakatsugawa-shi Ochiai Junior High School is a 5-minute walk away and Nakatsugawa-shi Ochiai Elementary School is a 15-minute walk away. Not only is making your way to your chosen school a breeze, but also you save on traveling to work every day. What’s more? Nouhi Bus Nouhi Bus Terminal is a minute away by foot and Ochiaigawa Station on the JR Chūō Main Line (Nagoya - Shiojiri) is a 13-minute walk away. Getting into the city to run errands, meet friends, and explore its attractions would never be a hassle.

Browse Village House’s full range of apartments in Nakatsugawa now.

FAQs About Living in Nakatsugawa

1. What are some attractions of Nakatsugawa?

Nakatsugawa is a charming ancient city that has lots to offer. Magome, a 17th-century post town, and Taisho Village, transport its visitors to ancient Japan, allowing you to experience the country as it used to be a few hundred years ago. Traditional soba restaurants and water wheels are almost exactly how they used to be, making one almost nostalgic for a bygone era.

Nakatsugawa offers not just ancient villages, it's blessed with stunning natural sceneries where you can enjoy hiking and camping activities. Tsukechi Gorge within an ancient forest of lemon-scented cypress trees offers a tranquil moment with nature. Also consider the Tokai Nature Path, a challenging but rewarding 600-meter trail that offers a spectacular view of Mt. Ena.

2. How do I apply to rent an apartment in Nakatsugawa with Village House?

In order to rent an apartment in Nakatsugawa with us, start by preparing the following documents:

  • Application Forms
  • ID Card with Photo
  • Copy of Income Certificate (Most recent payslip, salary statement, pension receipt, etc)
  • Copy of the Bank Book (The bank book of the account you receive your salary and the account you would like to use for the rent payment)
  • Insurance Documents

3. Can I apply for a room that is not currently available?

No, you will not be able to apply for a room that is not available. We do, however, notify you when rooms are vacated and become available for you to rent. We do this through our vacancy notification service. If you would like to use this service, contact Sumai Soudan Center. Alternatively, quickly register interest, do a house tour and send in your application documents to secure an apartment you like so you don’t lose out to another interested party.

*Dependent on the credit check results and contract details, a deposit may be required.

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