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Omaezaki City Apartments For Rent

Located in the Shizuoka Prefecture of Japan, the coastal city of Omaezaki welcomes the breeze and spell-binding aura of the Pacific Ocean. Strategically positioned equidistant from Tokyo and Osaka, the city serves as a lucrative international cargo trade port and a key distribution center within the prefecture, further supported by a strong local economy of commercial fishing and green tea cultivation.

Omaezaki-shi’s tranquil natural surroundings and recreational hideouts are a charming complement to the city’s industrial character. The Marine Park Omaezaki stands out as a crowd-favorite, remarkably alluring with its white sandy beach, clear waters and a host of exciting family activities.

The beauty of Omaezaki as a city of opportunity amid the calm and respite makes it an attractive option for Japanese residents looking for a new home. And settling down is easy when you have access to affordable accommodation for rent. With Village House, you can rest assured that you can find a rental unit of your choice, whether that is a 2K, 2LDK, or 3DK apartment.

Plus, there’s no need for any deposit*, key money, renewal fees, and handling fees, so you can enjoy budget-friendly prices with the full transparency you deserve.

Affordable 2K, 2LDK & 3DK Omaezaki-shi Apartments For Rent

When planning your move to Omaezaki City with your family, consider an apartment closer to your workplace and your children’s schools to ensure the convenience of accessibility. For instance, the Ikeshinden Kindergarten and Hamaoka Junior High School are an eight and 13-minute walk away from our 2K rental apartments at Village House Hamaoka. This means that parents don’t have to travel too far when dropping their children off and fetching them from school. ALT or English teachers with employment at these schools can also enjoy a significantly shorter commuting time, allowing them to cater more to their family and household needs before and after working hours. Those visiting doctors for regular appointments will be pleased to know that the Municipal Omaezaki General Hospital is less than half an hour away. The Shizuoka Bank and Shimada Shinkin Bank are also within reach, making it easier for both bank employees and residents who need to run financial errands. Traveling around the city and beyond is also convenient as you can reach the nearest bus stop in less than 30 minutes by foot or on your bike.

If you’re looking for 2LDK and 3DK apartments for rent in the city, Village house Omaezaki is your best option. A kindergarten, nursery, elementary and junior high school lies just 20 to 30 minutes away. Plus, you can hop on the Shizuoka Railway Bus from the Shirahama Stop that can be reached in just five minutes on foot.

To ensure a comfortable stay in our rental apartment, we also open access to a variety of amenities, with extras like air conditioning, gas stoves and water heaters available at an affordable fee.

FAQs About Living in Omaezaki-shi

1. What is Omaezaki City known for?

While being an industrial center, Omaezaki-shi is known for its calming natural landscapes and the oceanic breeze courtesy of the Pacific. When exploring the city, a visit to the Omaezaki Lighthouse, Hamaoka Sand Dune, Marau Memorial and the Hamaoka Genshiryokukan is a must. For those who love water adventures or simply want to revel in the tranquil environments of the majestic sea, head straight to Marine Park Omaezaki.

2. How can I book a rental apartment in Omaezaki City?

Booking a 2K, 2LDK, and 3DK rental apartment in Omaezaki-shi is easy with Village house through a hassle-free process. You will need to provide the following:

  • Application forms
  • Residence card for foreigners
  • Income Certificate Copy (This can be your recent payslip, salary statement or pension receipt)
  • Bank Book Copy (This should be the book of the account in which your salary is disbursed and through which you will make rental payments.)

You may be required to prepare additional documents at our team’s request. Our FAQ page can help clarify any queries on the application process when you book a rental unit here in Omaezaki City.

3. Can I move in immediately once I’ve signed a contract for an Omaezaki-shi rental unit?

Our application process takes 10 to 15 days. Once you receive an approval of your application and complete all contractual procedures, you may then move into your rental apartment. To speed up the process during selection, we advise you to shortlist a few of our units in Omaezaki City for viewing. If you decide to proceed with an application of any of the units, we can then begin processing your application. However, you’d need to have ready for us:

  • Prorated and full fee for first and second month respectively (inclusive of the common service fee for both)
  • Mandatory insurance fee which starts from ¥10,000 (two-year coverage)

Paying attention to your needs is important to us which is why we offer affordable prices for our rental apartments, without the need for any deposit, key money, renewal fees, and handling fees. To ensure that you always enjoy financial convenience throughout your stay with us in Omaezaki-shi, you can keep track of your expenditures, including water and electricity bills, on a regular basis.

*Dependent on the credit check results and contract details, a deposit may be required.

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