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Mobara-shi Apartments for Rent

Located in Chiba prefecture just outside of Tokyo, Mobara-shi is a seaside city with a history that dates back to the prehistoric Jomon and subsequent Neolithic Yayoi periods. Today the city is a bustling center of commerce for the surrounding Chosei region, with its economic focus being on electronics manufacturing, natural gas and chemical production, and agriculture.

The city’s humid subtropical climate means you can look forward to warm, balmy summers alongside cool winters with minimal to no snowfall. Major cities such as Chiba and Tokyo are also accessible via the extensive JR East network and the Ken-O Expressway (Metropolitan Inter-City Expressway) that connects the prefectures of Chiba, Tokyo, Kanagawa, Saitama, and Ibaraki.

If you’re planning to move to Mobara-shi and are looking for a room or apartment to rent, look no further than Village House. Our cheap Mobara-shi accommodations require no key money, renewal or handling fee, or deposit*.

* Terms and conditions may change depending on your apartment rental contract.

Cheap, Convenient, and Centrally-Located Apartments in Mobara-shi

Our Village House Hayano property for rent in Mobara-shi is conveniently located within a 30 minute walking distance from Mobara Station on the JR Sotobo line, making it easy for you to travel around and out of the city. Take your pick from various 2K units starting from 28.98m2 in size which are great for those living alone, couples, or young families.

These cheap and compact apartments come fully-renovated so you can move in immediately after your application has been fully processed.

Nearby amenities include the Mobara Central Hospital, Mobara Municipal Public Office, Chiba Bank Mobara Branch, and Midori Post Office. Families and ALT/English teachers will also appreciate the proximity to Gogou Kindergarten, Gogou Elementary School, and Hayano Junior High School – all of which are within a 15 minute walking distance from the apartment complex.

FAQs About Living in Mobara-shi

1. What are some highlights of living in a Mobara-shi apartment?

Renting an apartment in the heart of Mobara-shi means year-round access to dozens of cultural, historical, and natural attractions within the city and in the wider Chiba prefecture. Mobara-shi’s most popular attraction is by far the Mobara Tanabata Festival which typically takes place during the final weekend in July. The festival has been held in Mobara-shi since 1955, and the yearly event sees the area around Mobara Station and the main shopping district transformed for a weekend into a magical venue with performances galore.

The city is also home to several historic and religious sites including Sogenji Temple (Higashi-Minobu) and Tengoku-san Nyoirin-ji Temple, as well as golf courses for those looking to tee off on the green.

2. How do I apply to live in a rental property in Mobara-shi with Village House?

Village House has made the apartment rental application process easy and streamlined for all applicants. Once you’ve viewed and selected the apartment in Mobara-shi of your choice, simply prepare the following documents along with your application:

  • Application forms
  • Residence card if you are a foreigner
  • Copy of Income Certificate (Your recent payslip, salary statement or pension receipt will suffice.)
  • Copy of Bank Book (Please ensure that the book is of the account in which your salary is credited and the account with which you will make all rental payments.)
  • Insurance Documents

Additional documents may be required to facilitate the rental process. Find out more in our FAQs.

3. Is it expensive to live in a rental property or apartment in Mobara-shi?

The average monthly cost of living for someone living alone in Mobara-shi is ¥150,000 including rent. For a family of 3 or 4 the average monthly cost of living (including rent) doubles to about ¥378,000.

Finding a cheap apartment for rent in the city can go a long way to decreasing your monthly expenditures, and helping you enjoy the beauty of Mobara-shi without putting a strain on your finances. Village House’s rental properties are priced affordably to make it possible for you to move to and set up a new life in Mobara-shi with ease.

Browse our listings today to find the right apartment for you. Discover more affordable apartments in Chiba-ken including apartments for rent in Chiba-shi and apartments for rent in Narita-shi.

*Dependent on the credit check results and contract details, a deposit may be required.

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