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Saku Apartments For Rent

Located in the east-central region of the mountainous Nagano prefecture, Saku-shi rests in the Saku Basin of the upper Shinano River, notably the longest and widest river in the country. The horizons are occasionally greeted by charming sunsets amid the hot and humid summers and relatively mild winters that Saku-shi is known for, making it one of the many suitable Japanese cities to move to, especially for those who are not a fan of extreme weather.

The increased accessibility made possible by the opening of Sakudaira Station on the high-speed Hokuriku Shinkansen also means that many can commute to Tokyo more conveniently.

With a reasonable population density that offers enough peace and warmth away from the hustle of larger cities, Saku-shi is a prime location for anyone looking to work in Tokyo or other major hubs nearby, but prefers somewhere quiet to call their home.

With Village House, we make this possible with our suite of apartments for rent across a wide range of options, including 2K, 2DK, 3DK and 2LDK. Plus, our apartments are situated close to various public amenities such as hospitals, banks and schools, so traveling to work, dropping your children off for classes or simply accessing public services is much easier than you think. This is further complemented by transportation nodes which make traveling to and fro, and around the city a breeze.

We also make moving to Saku-shi hassle-free when you choose our rental apartments – there’s no need for any deposit*, key money, renewal fees or handling fee, ensuring affordability at its best.

Affordable 2K, 2DK, 3DK & More Saku-shi Apartments For Rent

When you move into a new city, whether alone, with your better half or with your family, ensuring you select a rental apartment that is convenient for you is vital to a conducive experience. Being able to walk just a stone’s throw away from your home to fetch your children from school not only offers convenience but also a sense of security, knowing that your children are not too far away. Our Village House Usuda 2K apartments in Saku-shi is one such optimal choice, located just 15 to 20 minutes away from the Uzada Nursery, Elementary School and Junior High School. Those who have found employment in hospitals and banks in Saku-shi will find apartments for rent situated close to these establishments, like the Village House Nakagomi, available in 1LDK, 2DK, 2LDK and 3DK. You can make your way to the nearby bank or post office in just three minutes, while a hospital and the Saku Municipal Office can be reached in seven and 23 minutes respectively by foot.

In case you need to travel further within or beyond Saku-shi regularly, choosing rental apartments close to train stations and bus stops means your commute duration is reduced and you’ll have more time to spare. Village House Usada Dai 2 is the perfect rental choice in Saku-shi – its 2DK apartments are located near three stations on the Yatsugadakekōgen Line (JR Koumi Line), namely Aonuma, Haguroshita and Usada stations.

In addition to being strategically-located, our apartments in Saku-shi are fit with all the amenities you need for a comfortable stay. Add-ons like an extra air conditioner, gas stove and water heater can also be provided to you at an affordable fee.

FAQs About Living in Saku City

1. What is Saku-shi known for?

Saku-shi is less of a tourist attraction but its tranquility makes it all the more inviting for anyone looking for a new home. That said, there’s plenty of attractions to explore once you’re settled into your apartment. One will enjoy a visit to one of the many shrines in the city, including the Hamazura Inari Shrine and Shinkaisansha Shrine. The Suetoshi Farm and the Saku City Museum of Modern Fine Arts are also incredibly popular.

2. How do I rent a 2DK or 3DK Village House apartment in Saku-shi?

Whether it’s for a 2K, 2DK, 3DK or 2LDK apartment in Saku-shi, the rental process is easy and straightforward. You’ll just need to provide us with the:

  • Application forms
  • Residence card if you are a foreigner
  • Copy of Income Certificate (Your recent payslip, salary statement or pension receipt will suffice.)
  • Copy of Bank Book (Please ensure that the book is of the account in which your salary is credited and the account with which you will make all rental payments.)
  • Insurance Documents

Our team may also request for more documents to complete your application, which our FAQ page can provide further insight on.

3. Can I move in immediately after signing a contract for my rental apartment in Saku-shi?

We will take 10 to 15 days to process your application. Once the application is approved and contractual procedures are completed, you may then move into your apartment. Should you have shortlisted a few rental units in Saku-shi and would like to immediately apply for one of them after viewing, we can begin processing your application right after, as long as you provide us with:

  • Prorated first month rental and full fee for the second, with the common service fee included for both
  • Compulsory insurance fee from ¥10,000, covering you for two years

Village House apartments for rent do not burn a hole in your wallet. However, you are advised to keep track of your daily expenditures so you remain in control of your finances here in Saku-shi.

*Dependent on the credit check results and contract details, a deposit may be required.

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