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Suzaka-shi Apartments for Rent

Tucked into the north-eastern region of Nagano Prefecture, Suzaka-shi is a city brimming with the beauty of Japan’s natural wilderness. Just outside of the city lies the Yonako Falls, which encompasses both the Fudo and Gongen waterfalls originating from Mount Azuyama and Mount Neko. The Yonako Falls are often ranked as one of Japan’s top 100 waterfalls, and the Falls entertain visitors and locals year-round who need an escape from the busyness of city living.

Within Suzaka City itself, you can look forward to a relatively laidback and relaxed way of life, with plenty of options for leisure, entertainment, and commerce all around. The city is particularly known for its miso paste, mushrooms, apples, grapes, peaches – so you can expect to dive into a culinary journey like no other. Take your first step into finding the perfect Suzaka-shi rental apartment with Village House.

What to Consider when Selecting an Apartment for Rent in Suzaka-Shi

There are many factors to take into account when choosing your rental apartment in Suzaka-shi, such as:

  • Apartment size and layout
  • Proximity to work, school, or key amenities
  • Nearby public transportation services

All Village House properties in Suzaka-shi have been thoughtfully selected and designed to optimize the factors above, so you can have a peaceful and fulfilling life in Suzaka City.

If you’re a couple (with or without children) or roommates looking for a cozy apartment that still affords each of you some personal space, take a look at the 2DK apartments for rent at Village House Toyooka. Located within a 25 minute walking distance from Toyooka Nursery, Toyooka Elementary School, and Higashi Junior High School, its location makes the morning commute easy for parents, students, and English/ALT teachers alike. It’s also within a 40 minute walk from the Prefectural Suzakashi Hospital, Suzakashi Municipal Office, and 82 Bank Suzaka-shi Branch for day-to-day convenience.

For individuals living alone, roommates, or couples without children, Village House Koyama houses 2K apartments for rent in the heart of town. Nearby amenities and public services include the Suzaka-shi Municipal Office, Prefectural Suzakashi Hospital, 82 Bank Suzaka-shi Branch, and Nagano Bank Suzaka Branch. Suzaka Station on the Nagano Electric Railway Nagano Line is also within a 13 minute walk from the apartment complex, making it convenient to travel around Nagano Prefecture (with options for inter-Prefecture transfers) during weekends and holidays.

FAQs About Living in Suzaka-shi

1. Is it expensive to live in an apartment in Suzaka City?

The average cost of apartment living in Suzaka-shi is on par with the average cost of living worldwide and is more affordable compared to bigger cities in Japan such as Tokyo or Osaka. With apartments by Village House, you can rest assured that whether you’re living alone or with family, you can find apartment rental at cheap prices.

You can also take advantage of additional ongoing promotions for further savings on moving-related costs.

Explore our other listings in Nagano Prefecture, including apartments for rent in Saku-shi and apartment rental properties in Ina-shi, for affordable prices too.

2. How do I apply for apartment rental in Suzaka-shi?

Village House has streamlined and simplified our apartment rental process to make it easy for you to begin your new life in Suzaka City. Upon selecting your property and apartment of choice, submit these documents to our office to begin your application process:

  • Completed application forms
  • Residence card for foreigners
  • Copy of income certificate (e.g. most recent payslip, salary statement, pension record)
  • Copy of bank book (This should be the bank book of the account your salary is credited into, which your rent payments will also be deducted from)
  • Insurance documents

Our friendly ground staff and property managers in Suzaka-shi can guide you throughout the process from start to finish, making the moving process a seamless and easy experience. Find out more in our FAQs.

3. What attractions and highlights are accessible from my apartment in Suzaka-shi?

Living in a rental apartment in Suzaka-shi means you’re just a stone’s throw away from its gorgeous natural wonders and attractions. If you wish to visit a local highlight within the city, head to Garyu Park. The park is well-regarded as a spot for cherry blossoms and hanami in the springtime, although you can also spot hydrangeas, wisterias, azaleas, and more year-round. Alternatively, venture out into the city’s suburbs and surroundings to visit the Yonago Falls, Minenohara Plateau, or Gomiike Hafu Plateau – each of which brings its own unique charm throughout the seasons.

*Dependent on the credit check results and contract details, a deposit may be required.

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