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Tono-Shi Apartments For Rent

Hidden in the mountains of Iwate Prefecture, Tono-shi is a place like no other. For centuries, the people of this remote town have lived in harmony with nature, and it shows in the beauty of the landscape.

The town is situated in a valley, surrounded by mountains, and is home to a river that flows through the center of the area. Tono-shi is also known for its traditional Japanese architecture, and many of the buildings in the town date back hundreds of years. From the soaring mountains to the crystal-clear rivers, Tono is a place where you can truly feel at one with nature. Tono-shi is especially attractive to those who are looking to escape the hustle and bustle of city life. You can enjoy the peace and quiet of the Tono countryside while still being relatively close to the city.

On the hunt for 2LDK, 3DK or other cheap and safe properties for rent in Tono-shi? Whether you’re single living alone or a family with children, find what you need right here at Village House, without paying for key money, security deposit, renewal or handling fees*.

2K, 3DK and More Tono Apartments For Rent

With properties in over 1,000 locations throughout Japan, it’s easy to find a rental property in Tono at Village House.

When choosing a place to live, it's important to consider your lifestyle and what kind of amenities you need in order to live comfortably. If you're the type of person who enjoys having access to public transportation, nature, and other facilities, then living in Village House Shiraiwa is a great option for you. Other than being close to the stunning Sarugaishi River, the rental property is also in proximity to schools like Shiraiwa Kindergarten, Toono Municipal Tohono Kita Elementary School, and Toono Municipal Toono Junior High School. This is extremely convenient for teachers who are working there or families with young children. Village House Shiraiwa is also close to public facilities like Toono Municipal Office, Iwate Prefectural Toono Hospital, Iwate Bank Toono Branch, and JP Toono Matsuzaki Branch.

With 2K and more properties for rent, find your perfect apartment right here at Village House Shiraiwa!

FAQs About Living In Tono-shi

1. What makes Tono-shi attractive to live in?

Tono-shi is situated in a beautiful natural setting, nestled among mountains and forests. Rolling hills, crystal-clear rivers, and lush forests make Tono a nature lover's paradise.

The city is also well known for its mild climate, which is perfect for outdoor activities. For individuals looking for things to do during the weekends, we recommend visiting the different folk villages like Tono Furusato Village (Tono Furusato Mura) and Denshoen which comprise traditional storehouses, magariya farmhouses, and museums.

2. Is it expensive to live in a rental apartment in Tono-shi?

The exact cost of living depends on the size and location of your rental property in Tono-shi. Rental prices start from around ¥32,000 for a 2K apartment. To cut your expenses further, remember to plan for your monthly bills, such as utilities and groceries. You can also take advantage of our Promotions for better cost savings.

3. What are the benefits of renting Tono apartments with Village House?

Other than affordable rental apartment costs, you can also enjoy the following benefits when you rent Village House apartments in Tono-shi:

  • Don’t need to pay any key money, security deposit, renewal or handling fees*
  • Free rent for one month
  • Moving Support that consists of one month’s worth of rent of up to ¥30,000
  • Moving company discount coupon

Head to Village House’s FAQ page to find out more about our overall lease procedure.

*Dependent on the credit check results and contract details, a deposit may be required.

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